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Kith Brooklyn Flagship Store by Snarkitecture


Snarkitecture‘s design for KITH’s 3,000-square-foot Brooklyn flagship store offers visitors an innovative retail environment that showcases the KITH brand and merchandise. Occupying the storefront is the first KITH Treats location–a cafe serving over 20 varieties of breakfast cereal. Adjacent to KITH Treats, customers can visit the KITH Archive, where selections from Ronnie Fieg’s personal sneaker collection are exhibited on a series of backlit glass shelves. Once inside the main sales area, footwear is displayed in rows of freestanding stainless-steel fixtures, positioned to create a visually endless corridor of shoes. The spectacle is further enhanced by the infinity mirrors on each side and the white, marble herringbone-patterned flooring. A custom installation by Snarkitecture continues to play with perspective by suspending 750 cast-Jordan sneakers from the ceiling, creating a monochromatic, inverted landscape of shoes.

KITH Brooklyn
233 Flatbush Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11217

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all images courtesy of KITH