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KITH Miami Flagship Store by Snarkitecture


New York-based architecture studio Snarkitecture has completed the new KITH Miami flagship store. Opened during Design Miami 2016, the Kith Miami store —first one outside New York— aiming to push the boundaries to deliver customers a completely unique shopping experience, including KITH Treats, their culinary extension focused on cereal and ice cream.

“Miami has always been like a second home to me, and it’s been an important step I’ve wanted the brand to take since our first pop-up there in 2013” explains Kith-founder and creative director Ronnie Fieg. “This will be our most elevated store design to date, and I believe that we have something to offer the Miami customer that no other retailer can”.


The Miami store, just like all of Kith’s stores, was designed in collaboration with Snarkitecture, which has created a running motif that is instantly noticeable upon entering the gallery-like outposts. This new space features an interior crafted from custom terrazzo panels that form a gradient from white to blue, as well as arches of 500 cast Jordan V sneakers — a signature detail for the brand across all stores, as the Jordan V signifies this as the fifth store locale.

As Fieg mentioned, this new shop will also be the most encompassing Kith experience for customers so far, as it will boast a plethora of designer apparel brands, an elite assortment of footwear, and of course Kith’s in-house label, all of which will be offered for both men and women.

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all images of the kith miami store courtesy of KITH