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La Bottega del Vino Wine Shop & Bistro in Milan

Gianluca Geroli

Italian studio SGS Architetti Associati has designed La Bottega del Vino, a wine shop but also a small bistro located near the Sempione Park and the Civic Arena in Milan. The challenge of this project was to inject new energy into a site that had been neglected for years.

The narrow, elongated shape of the floor plan was the starting point for the architectural makeover. The space was divided into multiple, fairly intimate, interconnected zones that maintain dialog with the surrounding urban context through floor-to-ceiling windows. The wall and floor coverings are clearly wine-related.


La Bottega del Vino is a celebration of wine; wine not only to be tasted, but also wine that adorns and warms the setting. Wine in many different-shaped bottles fills antique sideboards and tints bottles in the most disparate shapes that, like objects of modern art, embellish the walls of the bistro.

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all images © Gianluca Geroli / courtesy of SGS Architetti Associati