Table65, in which 65 refers to the country code of Singapore, opened its doors on December 2018. For the first international expansion of the two chefs Richard van Oostenbrugge and Thomas Groot, concrete created the restaurant’s name, graphic identity and interior design. 

Conceptually, the new venue follows the same principles of the 212 restaurant in Amsterdam, featuring ‘no table seating’, an open kitchen with bar-height seating directing the guests’ focus on the chefs, stimulating interaction. The kitchen team serves the food themselves, creating an intimate table setting and personal touch.

 Table 65 Restaurant, Singapore / concrete

Due to the more spacious footprint of the location, this allowed a number of enrichments such as a larger kitchen, exposed wine cellar, private dining and separate bar area serving deserts and cocktails after dinner. Along the bar-height table tops, guests are seated next to each other with a maximum of 31 people. Hidden in the tabletop, each guest has its own custom-made cutlery drawer, designed to save more space and offering guests to pick their own weapon of choice. 

 Table 65 Restaurant, Singapore / concrete

The interior itself is kept simple to fully focus on the true essence of flavors and food. To extend the food experience, visual projections and levitating creations involve all the senses. An illuminated plant wall facade functions as the main eye-catcher, to seduce guests into the restaurant. 

 Table 65 Restaurant, Singapore / concrete

The wall resembles the plants that seem to grow behind the translucent backlit glass, giving the impression the jungle trying to conquer the space, while the restaurant pushes it back to its boundaries. The green wall tones go hand in hand with the onyx marble. To create a variety of settings during the course of the evening, the intensity of light is dimmable. All used materials are minimal with local ingredients and references, inspired by the jungle of Singapore.