Ukrainian firm YOD Design Lab has recently completed China Ma, a modern Chinese restaurant located opposite the Kyiv South Station at the ‘Terminal Food’ Shopping Center. Inspired by the Chinese bustling streets, the new interior transports patrons into a lively atmosphere, where they can enjoy the finest Cantonese cuisine and selection of rare tea varieties.

“Taking inspiration from the journeys, we noticed the original aesthetics in the chaos of the branched cobweb of telecommunication wires, that characterize the streets of China and Thailand, so we implemented this in the restaurant’s decoration,” explains YOD Design Lab. “Our key art object on the wall between the floors is a dynamic «live» installation on a large rounded LED screen, similar to the face of an Asian girl. It broadcasts a video of emotions. The composition is complemented by decorative elements of the above-mentioned black wires.”

 China Ma Restaurant, Kiev, Ukraine / YOD Design Lab

To harmonize the space of the first and second floors, the design team built a small glass bridge on the second floor, which adds a bit of adrenaline to the guests. Upon entering the restaurant, a striking ‘media tube’ creates an eye-catching feature, which penetrates the interior space through the facade wall. It broadcasts Chinese messaging, setting the overall atmosphere of the restaurant.

“We wanted to create not only delicious, as well as a functional restaurant, given its location,” continues the design team. The program, therefore, includes a separate storage area for suitcases and on the ground floor a toilet is provided for people with disabilities, and a changing table for parents with young children.

 China Ma Restaurant, Kiev, Ukraine / YOD Design Lab

With a name derived from ‘china mania’, China Ma intends to provide a dynamic Chinese gastronomy experience with a pronounced sharpness of taste and atmosphere. Since opening, the restaurant has taken a firm position in the niche of Asian cuisine restaurants in Kyiv, which has recently seen increased interest from visitors.

 China Ma Restaurant, Kiev, Ukraine / YOD Design Lab China Ma Restaurant, Kiev, Ukraine / YOD Design Lab China Ma Restaurant, Kiev, Ukraine / YOD Design Lab China Ma Restaurant, Kiev, Ukraine / YOD Design Lab