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Likelihood, Seattle Men’s Sneaker Boutique by Best Practice Architecture

Mark Woods Photography

Likelihood is an exclusively men’s fashion footwear and sneaker boutique, which aspires to elevate the level of fashion for the discerning Seattle gentleman. Designed by local firm Best Practice Architecture in close collaboration with the owner, this shop makes its home in the busy Capitol Hill neighborhood.

“Believing that the shoe shopping experience should feel fun, leisurely and exciting, the design elements are fairly restrained and seek to highlight the product.” said Best Practice Architecture. Nods to mid-century design are expressed in the cedar wood screen wall that hugs the ziggurat style shoe display and divides the main space from the back of house & storage mezzanine.

The Best Practice team has also designed and fabricated the large, hexagon light fixtures to add presence and pattern in the tall space. Mirrors were placed to enliven and reflect the neon wall art by Canadian artist Kelly Mark, all while maximizing daylight from the large facing windows.

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all images © Mark Woods Photography