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Living Room Hacks: 4 Ways To Decorate Your TV Unit

Living Room Hacks: 4 Ways To Decorate Your TV Unit

Your living room TV unit is deemed to be more than just a place or a shelf to hold your television. No matter the style of your home, it has also become an avenue for you to play around with when it comes to living room décor. In fact, because of the position that it holds in that space, it’s also safe to consider it as the focal point of many living rooms in most Australian households of today.

Given the attention that it gets, you’ll want to get its decorations done right. This means not being too bare, even if you’re opting for a minimalist style, or also too over the top if you’re one to include a lot of design elements. Furthermore, learning how to measure TV size, shelf size, and other things in your living room is believed to be important to ensure that whatever décor you buy all fits the size of the space you’re putting it in.

If you’re looking for new ways to give your living room that life that it needs, then you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ve got the best hacks on how you can decorate your house’s TV unit.

1. Create A Wooden Backdrop

Whatever the mood or theme you’re trying to have in your living room, wood will never go out of style. For instance, if you have an industrial-themed living room, the use of classic wood would go well with your TV unit. If you’re opting for that farmhouse vibe, then you can paint the wood in a white cream shade.

Wood works as a nice backdrop or background if your TV unit at home doesn’t have one at all. There are those TV units that only consist of consoles with a table on the bottom but bare around the upper sides. Rather than keep these sides or back bare directly on the wall, add a wooden backdrop for that added depth, texture, and dimension.

With this in mind, if you don’t have a proper wall unit TV console yet, or you’d like to change yours, check out wall units in RJ Melbourne showroom or at any location near you for some ideas. Most Australian cities have one or two within their limits which customers can pay a visit. 

 Living Room Hacks: 4 Ways To Decorate Your TV Unit

2. Mix It With Picture Frames And Shelving

If your TV is hanging on the wall and it’s bare, another way for you to make better use of that wall to not just merely acts as a TV unit holder is to have hanging shelving.

By installing one, you can have more space used now for storage and display, apart from the TV unit sitting right below your television. On the hanging shelves, you can put in anything from family memorabilia, sentimental items, photos, and even storage baskets.

This is your living room, after all, and it’s one of the very first places that guests are going to see in your home. In fact, it may be the only common area or part of your home that guests are going to see a lot of. So, if there’s any place for you to display photos and show your personality as a homeowner, it’s truly going to be in your living room.

3. Paint It Black

If you’ve got a floating TV unit and one that’s not the usual floor-to-ceiling shelving kind of setup, then this tip is great for you! If you’re up for a minimalist theme, then you may want to paint the wall behind your floating TV console in jet black color.

If you’re after a brighter vibe in your home, then that wall that holds your TV can also act as your accent wall. You can paint it any color that you wish to liven up your home – without being too striking or out-of-place.

 Living Room Hacks: 4 Ways To Decorate Your TV Unit

4. Focus On Your Floors

Yes, if you aren’t keen on working around the space of your TV unit, you can think outside the box and focus on the bigger picture. This means thinking about your floors.

Remember that your TV unit is the main focal point in your living room. Thus, don’t just focus your design elements on that, per se. Your very core reason for coming up with the TV console is to house your television. This means that you should have that comfortable space where you, your family, and your guests can enjoy killing time while enjoying TV programs and shows.

So, if you feel like there isn’t much leeway anymore to decorate on or work with your TV unit, lean towards your floor instead. Find high-quality carpets or rugs that go with the overall theme you’re trying to create in your living space. This should put together all the design elements that you put in your TV unit.


With these hacks, are you now ready and more confident about reinventing your living room space? 

You see, there are many things that you can do to give your living room that fresh new look. Even if it only means focusing on your TV unit, that’s already a big and noticeable change. Plus, the great thing about the tips above is that they’re also quite budget-friendly. These are easy hacks that you can do, without necessarily breaking the bank. 

Not only can you have that more visually pleasing experience watching TV through your design elements, but you can have a more well-designed and thought-of living room as well.