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Liz West Installs Fluorescent Colored Acrylic Bowls In Historic Parisian Palace

Liz West’s Aglow Installation, Paris

Nemozena | Julien Philippy

On the occasion of the Paris Fashion Week, British artist Liz West has unveiled her latest installation at the Musée Nissim de Camondo. Created in partnership with luxury clothing brand Nemozena, this ambitious outdoor work, titled Aglow, consists of one hundred and sixty-nine hemispherical fluorescent colored acrylic bowls arranged on the ground in a hexagon shape.

 Liz West’s Aglow Installation, Paris

The edges of these multiple unplugged fluorescent bowls in six neon colors glow as if charged with electricity. These ‘live’ edges and choice of material embodies West’s interest in the relationship between colour and light and their ability to enhance the viewers perception of the work.

“The acrylic bowls offer a highly reflective concave surface enabling spectators the opportunity to see their surroundings in a new (fluorescent tinted) light,” says Liz West about the new work. “The individual bowls also serve as rain catchers, adding an extra dimension to the work and another reflective surface in which to observe the surroundings of the exquisite Musée Nissim de Camondo courtyard in central Paris.”

 Liz West’s Aglow Installation, Paris

Used repeatedly in nature, the hexagon is a practical, economic, space saving polygon. West often utilises geometry and repeat in her installations to create large-scale and impactful works. Aglow is a collaboration inspired by the Nemozena’s vision to celebrate female empowerment and showcase the brilliance and vitality of female individuals around the world.

Aglow by Liz West, is a new work commissioned by Nemozena for Paris Fashion Week, which will then tour to Dubai and Milan. The work was completed and launched on 26th September 2018.

Liz West’s Aglow Installation, Paris Liz West’s Aglow Installation, Paris