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Make Your Space Feel Cozy And Homey With These 6 Great Ideas

Make Your Space Feel Cozy And Homey With These 6 Great Ideas

There are plenty of ways you can make your space feel cozy and homey. It’s the time of year where it can get cold, dark, and lonely inside. These six ideas will help you brighten up your space to give you that feeling of being at home again – no matter how far away from it you are!

1. Windows

Adding curtains to your windows is a great way to add color and warmth. Choose either heavy, thick curtains in dark, warm colors like red or orange – or light, airy ones in light, cool colors like blues and purples (bonus: they can also help insulate your room from the cold). If you have large windows, you might want to consider plantation shutters because they’re a more efficient way of keeping out the cold, and they look great! If you have great windows, you might want to consider letting natural light in. If this is the case, you can either have clear glass windows with some curtains or shutters. Also, use sheer material which will still filter out some of the cold but not block out as much sun as thicker materials do.

2. Colour

You can’t go wrong with color. Colors give a sense of warmth and happiness that is very welcoming. Try painting your walls a rich, warm color like red or orange – although be careful not to make it too dark because this can be overwhelming. You can also paint your walls, or just one wall, a light color like blue – but this is more for drawing attention to the room than making it feel homely so use sparingly! If you want to go all out with the color theme, paint everything in different colors. 

For example, get a warm-colored duvet and a cool-colored sheet – or paint your walls different colors. You can also go to Daiso (Japanese store) and buy some cheap Japanese wall stickers which, again, will add color and interest to your room without breaking the bank!

3. Plants

Everyone needs a bit of greenery in their life (even if it’s fake!). It makes us feel better and gives us something to look forward to. Also, if you want the air in your house to smell nice, get some fresh flowers – it might be expensive but having fresh flowers in your room every day will make you feel happy! You can also take cuttings from them or buy a little pot of herbs – they smell amazing and will make your room smell gorgeous.

 Make Your Space Feel Cozy And Homey With These 6 Great Ideas

4. Light

Lighting is very important. If you want to feel cozy, it’s best to opt for smaller lights spread throughout the room so that the light is concentrated in most places rather than just one bright strip lighting up everything – which can be quite jarring on the senses. You can also use candles everywhere (just make sure you blow them out before leaving or going to sleep!) which will make your room smell amazing and give things a nice glow. If you want to get creative, get string lights! They’re cheap and cheerful but they look good in pretty much every setting – especially when it’s dark outside!

5. Get Organised

Having clutter everywhere is not very inviting or inspiring – especially if you live with other people who don’t share your sense of order (and why should they?!). Clean your room up, throw away any old clothes and shoes, fold anything that’s lying around, organize everything into neat little piles/drawers/shelves, and get rid of anything you don’t use. Having an organized space will make your room feel more “homey” because it’ll be clean and tidy – so you won’t have to worry about forgetting anything!

6. Get Comfy

If you want to know how to make your space feel cozy, this has got to be your best bet! Being comfortable is a must if you want to feel at home. Get a bean bag or a comfy chair and put that in the corner of your room so it’s out of the way but still close enough for you to cuddle up in when you have those days where you just need to curl up with a book, game console, or laptop. You can also get a throw blanket and drape it over the back of your chair/bean bag so you have somewhere to put your legs up. 

Making your space feel cozy and homey is easy if you use these 6 great ideas! You just need to consider what makes you happy and how you want to redecorate. So stop worrying and letting those winter blues win and make your living space the most welcoming place on Earth.