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Marcelo Burlon County Of Milan x Marcolin Eyewear


Marcolin and Marcelo Burlon, one of today’s most versatile and influential designers, teamed up to create a brand-new eyewear collection that perfectly combines tradition and modernity, know-how and innovative design.

County of Milan represents a multi-cultural blend of fashion, music, sport and nightlife: a global lifestyle phenomenon that celebrates diversity and stylistic contamination. A striking visual universe with a futuristic imprint, and yet rooted in the appealing and evocative Argentinian iconography, that has charmed thousands of consumers around the world, giving rise to a real, international community.

The core values of both brands are epitomized by three exclusive styles that feature premium quality materials, original patterns and handmade details. Each eyepiece will be offered in a unique packaging that recalls the brand’s iconic logo, including a prestigious leather case and the respective cloth, available in black or in a signature pixel texture. A rubber lace has also been designed to add a sporty vibe to the proposals.

The three styles, which made their first appearance during Marcelo Burlon County of Milan’s fashion show, will be available worldwide in the most exclusive department stores and boutiques starting from June 2015.

 2-marcelo-burlon-county-of-milan-x-marcolin-eyewear 3-marcelo-burlon-county-of-milan-x-marcolin-eyewear 4-marcelo-burlon-county-of-milan-x-marcolin-eyewear 5-marcelo-burlon-county-of-milan-x-marcolin-eyewear 6-marcelo-burlon-county-of-milan-x-marcolin-eyewear

all images and video courtesy of MARCELO BURLON COUNTY OF MILAN