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Mathery Studio Designs Interactive, Foam-Filled Space for Kids

Mathery Studio

As part of the Hangzhou International Design Week, Italian designers Erika Zorzi and Matteo Sangalli, co-founders of the Mathery Studio, have been commissioned to design an interactive kids space at IN77 shopping mall.

Recalling an exaggerated scale pin board, the TUBO concept shifts the perception of colouring from 2D to 3D. The space consists of a collection of 16 giant all white food-shaped structures, a pool filled with foam tubes and is surrounded by perforated walls. The bent white cylindrical frame of each structure encapsulates perforated mesh. Together they create a bountiful food landscape composed of oversized mushrooms, a carrot, a tree-like broccoli, a fried egg, a half-peeled banana, a chunky shrimp, and the shopping list continues.


Kids are encouraged to colour the space by filling the holes of the structures using the foam tubes. They can stick the foam tubes in the holes, tie and slot them in however they like in order to create a 3D colouring effect.

With the continual addition of Tubos, over time the space will become a creative, colourful scene of furry food. TUBO runs through the end of November at Design Week in Hangzhou, a small town outside of Shanghai, China.

 mathery-studio-designs-interactive-foam-filled-space-for-kids-3 mathery-studio-designs-interactive-foam-filled-space-for-kids-4 mathery-studio-designs-interactive-foam-filled-space-for-kids-5 mathery-studio-designs-interactive-foam-filled-space-for-kids-6 mathery-studio-designs-interactive-foam-filled-space-for-kids-7 mathery-studio-designs-interactive-foam-filled-space-for-kids-8 mathery-studio-designs-interactive-foam-filled-space-for-kids-9 mathery-studio-designs-interactive-foam-filled-space-for-kids-10 mathery-studio-designs-interactive-foam-filled-space-for-kids-11 mathery-studio-designs-interactive-foam-filled-space-for-kids-12 mathery-studio-designs-interactive-foam-filled-space-for-kids-13 mathery-studio-designs-interactive-foam-filled-space-for-kids-14 mathery-studio-designs-interactive-foam-filled-space-for-kids-15 mathery-studio-designs-interactive-foam-filled-space-for-kids-16

all images courtesy of Mathery Studio | H/t fastcodesign