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Metal Roofing: What You Need To Know

Metal Roofing: What You Need To Know

There are lots of things to think about when considering roofing for your home. It includes cost, style, materials, and installation. Additionally, you want your home’s roof to be durable, good-looking, fire-resistant, and weathertight as much as possible.

With that said, take metal roofing into consideration instead of the conventional materials. A lower environmental impact, energy efficiency, and longevity are only some of the marvelous benefits of a metal roof. If you’re looking at trying to reduce the costs of installing your roof, you might want to look at different metals for sale, as an example, you could look at the costs of different measurements of aluminium for sale. Carrying this procedure out at the start can help you calculate the costs of your whole roofing project before it gets underway.

Below are things you need to know about metal roofing that can help you decide if it’s right for your home or not. Take a read!

Resistant To Insect, Rot, Fire Damage, and Snow Build-up

One of the significant reasons why metal roofing increased in popularity these days is that it’s practically fireproof. Metal roofing has instantly become the material of choice by homeowners, especially with the risk of wildfire on the rise. 

Aside from that, termites cannot chomp on metal roofing. Additionally, it is impervious to mildew and rot. Moreover, metal roofing conducts heat rapidly from the sun, so snow slides off much faster during the winter than conventional roofing. 

Becoming More Common

Before, metal roofing was only found on architect-designed houses. Well, that is no longer true today. Metal roofing is progressively found in traditional homes due to the improved manufacturing processes and increasing availability.

The market share for this material has been expanding at a rate of at least three percent annually over the past years. At present, nearly fifteen percent of all roofing installations utilize metal roofing materials, according to industry statistics. 

On the other hand, the market share for asphalt roof shingles has decreased, currently accounting for nearly fifty-nine percent of all the roofing installations. 

It is important to note that the most widely used flat roofing systems use metal roofing systems. Considering the fact that the metal roofing system is gradually becoming popular and more people are opting for a flat roofing system, then you should consider having a metal flat roofing system.  You should at all times always consider the installation of the flat metal roofing system to be done by a professional roofer. In case you are in Calgary Canada, you can seek the professional services of a flat roofer Calgary. They will provide quality work that you can enjoy all the benefits of your metal roofing.

Doesn’t Attract Lightning

Many people think that metal roofing will attract lightning. However, this belief isn’t borne out by statistics or facts. Metal Construction Association’s technical bulletin asserted that metal roofing doesn’t raise the danger of a lightning strike at all.

Also, if a metal roof gets struck by lightning in any way, it’s less inflammable or explosive compared to traditional roofing materials like shingles. As per the technical bulletin, since metal roofing is both a noncombustible and electrical conductor material, the dangers correlated to its behavior and use during a bolt of lightning make it the best construction material available. 

Why don’t metal roofs attract bolts of lightning? The answer is simple. Generally, lightning finds a path to ground, which is why structures like telephone poles tend to attract lightning. With this in mind, metal roofing is considered as a sole structural component, with no direct path to ground innate to its design. Therefore, no lightning will ever hit a metal roofing as often as it strikes an asphalt roof shingle. 

 Metal Roofing: What You Need To Know


Even though most metal roofing materials have warranties analogous to asphalt shingles (at least thirty years), practically, metal roofings have been known to last for at least fifty years. In fact, as per the State Farm Insurance data, metal roofing regularly has longevity of forty to seventy years. 

Hence, it’s uncommon for homeowners to replace a metal roof during the time he or she resides in the home. On the opposite, homeowners will likely install more than one asphalt roof shingle over a fifty-year period. Although the cost of a metal roofing is sky-high compared to asphalt roof shingles, it can help you save money in the long run.

Energy Efficient

According to a few industry studies, metal roofing reflects solar radiant heat. It can help cut down cooling expenses by at least ten percent to twenty-five percent. In areas where cooling expenses are higher, coating a metal roof with shiny covers can make the best use of the roof’s reflective capacity. In this way, it can boost energy savings. 

Repair And Installation Requires A Professional

It is usually not advised for homeowners to repair and install metal roofing by themselves. A metal roof is typically available only through several retailers like Roofer Columbus. Also, the techniques for repair and installation require special skills. 

Hence, if you consider metal roofing for your house, you will need to call a professional should complications or problems take place. 


As we’ve mentioned, the longevity of metal roofs is unparalleled. But when the time comes to change, the old material can still be used at metal recycling outlets. When you bring your metal scrap to recycling outlets, you can recycle the material and make money at the same time.


Metal roofing undoubtedly outweighs traditional roofing materials in many ways. It has a minimum roof pitch, fire-resistant character, and long expected lifespan. The benefits offered by metal roofing allow homeowners to improve their homes with materials of lasting value, unlike traditional roofing materials that degrade in value. So, consider installing a metal roof during your next home renovation project.