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Minut Unveils Point, the Friendly Home Alarm

Minut Unveils Point, the Friendly Home Alarm With Built-in AI


Point is the friendly home alarm that lets you know if something is wrong at home—without invasive cameras. Rather than cameras and complex alarm systems with several different components, Point applies artificial intelligence to environmental sensors to understand what’s going on in the home.

Intrusions, fire and windows breaking are some of the things Point can detect. If an important event happens, Point alerts you and your community of family, friends or neighbors instantly, so that you can help each other when looking after your home.

 Minut Unveils Point, the Friendly Home Alarm With Built-in AI

“Point is the first home alarm that respects your privacy while giving you comfort knowing everything is fine at home,” says Nils Mattisson, CEO of Minut. “The market as it looks today is crowded by security cameras. But there are a lot of reasons people don’t want, or can have, a security camera in their living room. With Point, we offer an alternative.”

The first version of Point was launched in 2014 and is now available in over 60 countries. It is sold direct to consumers and through partnerships with insurance companies and telcos. The new generation, available for pre-order on Kikcatrer for $79 USD, is expected to reach the first customers in May, 2018.