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Modern Living Room Furniture Trends and Ideas 2020

Modern Living Room Furniture Trends and Ideas 2020

Modern home decor is one of the most misunderstood interior designs. Some homeowners interchange modern interior design with contemporary interior design. Both may have similarities, but both design trends are relatively distinct.

The term “minimalism” may be used synonymously with modern interior design. That’s because it is what the overall look of this home interior design should be. And when choosing modern living room furniture pieces, one must take into consideration the neutral colors, natural materials, and no-fluff detailing.

This home design is simple yet bold. It is elegant yet inviting. And last but not least, it is clean yet playful.

If you don’t know where to start with modern living room interior ideas, here are seven ways you can style your home interior with a luxurious and minimalist look.

1. Exposed beams

One of the elements of modern living room interior design is the look of being compact. Your living room furniture doesn’t need to be bulky like how traditional furnishings are. Instead of hiding beams and furniture legs, these furniture design trends mean exposure.

The beams and legs are often exposed to a modern room. This gives the impression that the furnishings are compact and there’s a lot of space.

2. Lack of intricate detailing

When choosing modern furniture design, make sure that the pieces don’t have too many fluffs. This means, there aren’t many details, ornaments, and whatnot. This design trend should be straightforward, showcasing the simplicity and elegance of the piece.

 Modern Living Room Furniture Trends and Ideas 2020

3. Few curves and more lines

The contemporary living room trend might involve new aesthetics as furniture design evolves. But one thing that modern furniture has and will never change is the emphasis of both vertical and horizontal lines. There should be fewer curves and more lines in your interior design.

4. Low horizontal furnishings

Modern furniture trends mean selecting pieces with frames closer to the floor. The furnishings must be low and typically in horizontal style.

5. Reflective surfaces

If you’re looking for modern ideas, think of this word: SHEEN. This type of living room should be all about the reflective surfaces. Think chrome, glass, stainless steel. Although this trend gets rid of too many ornamental details, the appeal is in the shiny surfaces.

6. Natural materials

Who says wood can only be associated with traditional or rustic trends? Modern trends also mean living room furnishings should have natural materials. The materials can be raw, unpainted wood, leather, metals, natural fibers, or wood veneers.

7. Natural lighting

Modern living room trends also don’t neglect the lighting. It’s how your pieces will stand out. When decorating your home with this type of trend, ensure that you consider natural lighting. Find ways to let natural light in. However, don’t limit yourself from installing ceiling-mounted fixtures, track lights, floor lamps, pendant lighting, wall-mounted fixtures, and more.

 Modern Living Room Furniture Trends and Ideas 2020

The home furnishing market is constantly evolving. And every year, homeowners are laden with new living room furniture trends. Here are a few:

  • Integrated hardware. This year, we’re going to be seeing sleeker and seamless furniture ideas. Integrated hardware creates a minimalist look, making the pieces more compact.
  • Oversized pulls and handles. You’ll be seeing more of oversized pulls and handles on cabinets, drawers, and more this 2020.
  • Floral accents. Creating accent pieces in your home is still in. And one that will continue to stay this year is floral accents. It can be a floral wallpaper or floral throw pillows. Anything that gives your home oomph.
  • Warm color palettes with rich accent colors. Furniture trends this year will be seeing more of warm color tones with rich accent colors for a beautiful contrast.
  • Bold monochromatic colors. Monochromatic colors don’t have to stick to dull blacks and browns. Monochromatic colors for home furnishings this year will be bolder. Colors such as aubergine, cobalt blue, or lush green are in. 

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