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Mandalaki Introduces A 27 SQM Fully Customizable Cabin

Monocabin / Mandalaki Design Studio

Mandalaki Design Studio

Milan-based Mandalaki Design Studio has teamed up with American company BoutiqueHomes to conceive Monocabin, a 27 square meters (291 square feet) micro home located on the island of Rhodes in Greece. As the team says, the cabin explores the desire to juxtapose the sleek, streamline design of a modern structure with the organic environment of the surrounding nature into a livable modular design object.

 Monocabin / Mandalaki Design Studio

The home is intended to be eco-friendly, as it is “designed to minimize environmental impact, from construction to energy consumption, throughout its life”. The crafting is conceived around concrete panels with a degree of modularity which makes this house not only easy to install but extendable to any desires. Each piece of furniture is conceived “made to measure ” to make the space a better place to be lived in. Despite its tiny size, the 27 sqm space comprises all the features necessary for a perfect summer getaway.

By designing a lot of openings, the team blurred the decent boundary between the inside and the outside. Emphasizing the sensation of living within nature, the surrounding trees complete the design serving as a simple and effective way to create shaded areas.

 Monocabin / Mandalaki Design Studio

“Our method helps in saving time and money by avoiding architects, engineers and interior designers, as Monocabin is all-included,” the team said. The Monocabin M model consists of a linear volume adjoined to a smaller box – however, the modular dwelling can be expanded as needed. Two larger models are also currently offered: Monocabin L is 34 square meters (366 square feet) and Monocabin XL is 63 square meters (678 square feet).

The cost for a basic Monocabin M is $45,000 USD. The Plus version includes furniture, appliances and lighting. Customers can select from add-on features, such as solar panels, automated blinds and a smart-home system.

 Monocabin / Mandalaki Design Studio Monocabin / Mandalaki Design Studio Monocabin / Mandalaki Design Studio Monocabin / Mandalaki Design Studio