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MPavilion by Amanda Levete opens in Melbourne

John Gollings

The 2015 MPavilion designed by British architect Amanda Levete has opened to the public in Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Gardens. For the next four month, the public is welcome to populate the artificial forest canopy, whose translucent petals were developed using aerospace technology to demonstrate how an ultra-lightweight structure that can “sit lightly on the landscape and gently respond to the climate.”

The MPavilion 2015 employs hi-tech nautical engineering to create a series of three- and five-meter wide petals –made out of ultra-thin translucent composite and carbon fiber. At night MPavilion will have a glowing aura and extraordinary sculptural presence in Queen Victoria Gardens. The slender carbon fiber columns conceal the wiring of lights and speakers. A halo-like effect is created by a LED strip forming the capital to the column, while using the latest technology turns the petals into amplifiers.

The MPavilion will remain on view through February 7, 2016, and will host more than 200 free events. You can check the list of programs here.

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all images © John Gollings | video courtesy of Flying Dragon