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Multifunctional Apartment in Moscow by Ruetemple


Russian studio Ruetemple designed this apartment in Moscow to provide an engaging space where a family with two children can spend their time in a functional and essential interior, yet not deprived of individuality and originality.

The principal requirements were related to the area of the living room and the children’s room. The living room had to be multifunctional with various options for time spending. Meanwhile, the area allocated for the children had to include two bedrooms with a space for work and for play.


The black cube located to the left from the entrance to the apartment includes a coat and shoe closet, a bathroom, a separate water closet, as well as built-in-cupboards and a fridge from the kitchen area side. The storage cabinets are located at the entresol which could be reached via a portable ladder. The cube is covered with slate black paint and became a center of attraction for children, as they appreciated an opportunity of drawing on the walls as much as they please. The opposite wall is covered with marker paint. This is also a large field for children’s creativity.


“We decided to design the living room in such a way so that the space could be organized differently depending on the mood and occupations” explain architects Alexander Kudimov and Daria Butahina. This objective is perfectly met by mobile furniture. It includes 7 modules on the wheels: 4 armchairs, two poufs, and a coffee table. They are easy to move and can be assembled in various combinations: family movie watching, table games, sitting with the guests, etc.


A room of 16 sqm was allocated for the children’s area. The room is divided into two parts by the central playing set, which includes several levels for climbing, a hammock and small houses with windows. On both sides of the playing set there are sleeping accommodations and a table for study.

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all images courtesy of Ruetemple