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Nemen L.E.D. Jacket

Italian technical outerwear brand Nemen has unveiled its latest experimental project in the form of a L.E.D. reflective jacket. The Nemen L.E.D. Jacket is project which expresses the brand’s passion for research in textiles development and functionality in sportswear garments. In the L.E.D., optical fibers are woven within the fabric, thus creating an area which is entirely lit by a system of 12 integrated LEDs powered by 2 rechargeable lithium batteries (8 hours durability).


The outer fabric is a monofilament of nylon and steel with a polyurethane transparent film which, while working as a shield to protect the optical fibers, emphasizes the depth effect created by light passing through it. The inner fabric features a special aluminum coating which reflects body heat in order to ensure maximum protection from cold weather and wind, while the inner membrane insulates the body guaranteeing protection even in extreme weather conditions.

Due to the complexity of the garment and the endless hours needed to assemble it, the Nemen L.E.D. jacket is manufactured only at the specific request of the customer at a price of $ 3,000 USD.


3-nemen-l-e-d-jacket 4-nemen-l-e-d-jacket

all images courtesy of NEMEN / H/t highsnobiety