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nendo designs a rocking horse for kartell

Akihiro Yoshida

Renowned Japanese studio nendo unveils at Milan Design Week 2016 ‘H-horse’, a child’s rocking horse designed for Italian brand Kartell. Oki Sato draws the inspiration from the shape and form of steel ‘H-beams’ used in large structures such as skyscrapers and bridges. In cross-section they are shaped literally like an “H” and it is this characteristic that gives the structure its mechanical strength.


By applying this concept directly to a child’s rocking horse, nendo has created a playful object that displays the characteristics of both functionality and strength, even with minimum use of materials. Transforming the use of this practical component into a different use with a sense of playfulness is the design process traceable to the history of the Italian company.

Kartell began by manufacturing and selling highly functional laboratory equipment and is now engaged in the manufacturing of beautiful plastic furniture and accessories admired around the world.

 nendo-designs-a-rocking-horse-for-kartell-©Akihiro-Yoshida-2 nendo-designs-a-rocking-horse-for-kartell-©Akihiro-Yoshida-3 nendo-designs-a-rocking-horse-for-kartell-©Akihiro-Yoshida-4 nendo-designs-a-rocking-horse-for-kartell-©Akihiro-Yoshida-5

all images © Akihiro Yoshida