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Nilufar opens Squat pop-up Apartment in London 

Mel Yates

Interior designer Shalini Misra has teamed up with Milan gallery Nilufar to design a luxe 2,355 square foot apartment located on one of the most fashionable streets in the heart of Mayfair. Following the  success of the previous edition in Paris, Beirut and Milan, Nilufar Gallery presents the fifth edition of Squat, an ongoing project that explores a new concept of exhibition that combines design, art and architecture and gives life to new and original domestic landscape. Squat takes place in different locations and platforms, playing with diverse cultural, geographical and architecture environments.


Inspired by historic apartment’s distinctive feature, the interiors challenges the boundaries between art, design and architecture, creating an innovative open dialogue and connecting different discipline.

Squat presents unique design pieces form Nilufar Gallery’s remarkable collection. These run the gamut from historic works by design masters such as Gio Ponti and Ico Parisi to creations by leading contemporary designer and young talents, such as Patricia Urquiola, Martino Gamper and Bathan Laura Wood.


“It’s important for us to show our pieces in a domestic setting rather than a white cube,” explains Nina Yashar, owner of Milanese design gallery Nilufar.”People can see how the objects work in a home and I can mix contemporary objects with historic pieces in a way that you simply can’t do in a gallery.”

The apartment is on show to the public until October 2016, during which time it will also host a string of events, including dinners and lectures. Head over to Nilufar’s website for more information.

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