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No More Bare Walls: 5 Beautiful Ideas for Wall Design in the Living Room

No More Bare Walls: 5 Beautiful Ideas for Wall Design in the Living Room

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The living room is the center of comfort in the home. Here you can receive guests or spend cozy evenings on the couch. That is why all pointers should point to the perfect combination of style and comfort when furnishing. Important for this: the wall design. We show five beautiful ideas from paint to wallpaper that give bare walls in the living room a modern look.

How do I design living room walls? The 5 most beautiful ideas

1. Paint on the Wall

The most obvious idea to create an effective and cozy effect in the living room is a bold wall color. The right color depends – in addition to personal taste – on the following factors:

The furnishing style: In the Scandinavian style, light and muted colors look good on the wall, white walls are often seen in the country house style. Industrial apartments, on the other hand, are best decorated with dark walls.

The size of the room: Tip for small rooms: Light colors make the room appear larger. In large rooms, on the other hand, individual walls in strong, dark tones look cozy (even in the bedroom!). The same applies to the ceiling height, by the way: If the ceiling is darker than the walls, the room appears lower. You create optical height when the color of the ceiling is lighter than the walls.

The furniture: In addition to the size of the room, the furniture is decisive when choosing the wall color. Eye-catching furniture in bright colors can be complemented with neutral wall paint. Strong wall colors look good with plain, white furniture.

The color psychology: The wall color influences the overall mood of the room. A wall painted blue radiates harmony, peace and space – a perfect choice for the living room. A green wall also has a harmonious and calming effect. With warm tones, for example orange and red tones, striking splashes of color can be added and a cozy atmosphere can be created. Pastel tones exude warmth and refreshment and make small rooms appear large. The gray wall color is a multi-faceted classic. However, be careful with black walls: They make rooms appear smaller and should therefore only be used with a larger number of square meters.

Which walls should you paint in the living room?

Wall paints can be used to act as visual room dividers. In a modern eat-in kitchen, for example, a strong color on the wall can separate the dining and living areas. A striking wall color can also be used to emphasize certain pieces of furniture – for example the sofa as the centerpiece in the living room, the TV wall or a special sideboard.

2. Pictures and Picture Walls

A classic idea for a beautiful wall design and a cozy living room are also pictures on the walls. Both harmoniously coordinated picture galleries and a single large picture above the sofa create an atmospheric effect.

Tip: The wall behind the picture doesn’t necessarily have to be white; especially dark colors such as gray or black emphasize images optically.

Important for picture galleries: These can be designed with structured chaos instead of strict straightforwardness. The idea is to hang pictures of different formats offset, that looks appealing and exciting.

Tip: lay the picture wall on the floor beforehand and try out various possible combinations!

In order to avoid chaos, however, when choosing the images, rely on harmonious colors and patterns that go together.

With the picture frames, creative ideas can be tried out: How about a combination of romantic scroll frames and simple specimens, for example? But the same applies here: stay in one color family and do not bring in any other colors. Whether black, gold, white or natural can be made dependent on the furnishing style and colors. For example, frames made of light wood such as oak or pine go particularly well with the Scandinavian style.

 No More Bare Walls: 5 Beautiful Ideas for Wall Design in the Living Room

3. Beautiful Wallpapers

A striking wallpaper is a real eye-catcher in the living room. When it comes to patterns, the choice is almost endless: Large flower tendrils are just as modern a wall design as jungle prints or geometric elements.

Which wallpaper suits best? That depends: industrial lofts can emphasize their casual look with wallpaper with concrete print, floral wallpapers have a romantic look to country house style and modern apartments look even more avant-garde with trendy jungle prints or abstract shapes.

In small rooms, patterned wallpaper can quickly overload everything, so wallpaper with a filigree pattern is more suitable here. By the way, walls can be visually stretched with wallpaper with vertical stripes.

4. Macrame, Mirrors and Co. – Decorative Wall Hangings

It doesn’t have to be the classic picture wall. An effect can also be achieved with wall hangings. An exciting idea for the living room wall are, for example, artfully braided macramees. Decorative wreaths, which come in a modern, Scandinavian design, decorate living rooms creatively and comfortably.

A mirror is a great idea for decorating walls in small living rooms. The reason: They visually expand the space. In addition, opulent mirrors – preferably in gold – are in the decoration trend.

5. Wall Shelves or Picture Strips

An open wall shelf is the perfect wall design for a modern living room. Decorations such as vases, candles, plants or chic coffee table books can be creatively staged here.

Put the living room wall design with lamps in the right light

Lamps can put pictures and wall decorations in the living room atmospherically and create a cozy ambience. Indirect lighting is particularly beautiful in the living room, as it creates a cozy atmosphere.

The ratio of direct and indirect light should therefore be as balanced as possible, so that there are no hard contrasts, but warm lighting. By the way: the lamp itself can also become part of the wall design.