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Old Home Overhaul – A Guide to Revitalising Your Property

Old Home Overhaul - A Guide to Revitalising Your Property

Steve looked around at the various rooms in the house he and his wife, Julia, had lived in for the past ten years. Paint on the walls was starting to strip, the tiles in the kitchen and bathroom looked outdated, and cracks were starting to show.

“I hate to say it, Julia, the house is starting to look a little old wouldn’t you agree?”

Julia looked at the ceiling lines and the cracks, the paint. “Yeah, a bit less functional than when we first moved in.”

“What do you say we give it a new life?” Steve said

“Can we afford it?”

Steve picked up one of Julia’s easel paintbrushes. “Hey, a splash of paint can work some wonders!”

Much like Steve and Julia, the house you live in can change over time. Layout and fixtures may not be as suitable as they once were. So, here is my guide to how you can bring the spark back to your property in no time.

A Full Rebirth:

Sometimes the most needed and required thing to give your home a new life is to start from the inside out. This strategy is becoming increasingly popular through that of knockdown rebuilds in Sydney.

With the rising cost of living and land becoming difficult to acquire, undertaking this process can be a great benefit, as using pre-existing features, including land, can help you to save on many costs into the future.

It can also allow you not to have to relocate (other than during the process), giving you the comfort and stability of still having the same support network.

An Interior Face Lift:

Like my character, Steve, said in the scenario, when it comes to revamping your property, “a splash of paint can work some wonders”.

Choosing the right color scheme for your walls can be important, whether it’s your “forever home” or for a potential buyer or renter.

While the paint job shouldn’t be the only area of focus for a property’s value, it’s amazing what a difference it can make.

Give your exterior a revamp:

The older your property becomes, there is guaranteed to be some signs of “ageing.” This can impact on your street appeal, making your home look tired.

According to Sam North, contributor to Build.com.au, “Best of all, improvements to the street appeal do not have to be expensive…it can be as simple as a little maintenance, such as fixing paving or fences.”

This or rendering against the elements can quickly increase your property value.

 Plywood House /SMS Arquitectos - photo by Luis Diaz Diaz

Bathroom Beauty:

When it comes to fixing things around your home, your bathroom is a great place to consider. Luckily, you can do this on a budget and still make it look gorgeous.

As indicated by Jim’s Glass.com.au, one simple way to save is to “repaint old bathroom tiles.”

Tile paint can now come in a variety of colors and by using tile paint on former tiles, this removes the cost of buying new tiles and removing the old ones.

Know and understand your budget:

When undertaking any renovation, whether as an overhaul or cosmetic,  it is wise to understand and keep to a budget.

It can be tempting to go with all the modern trends, particularly if trying to sell. However, this can lead to you blowing it and going into debt.

According to aussie.com.au, it is best to know “where you are financially…” Make sure to make a contingency plan for the unexpected.


So whether you are looking to add value to your home, or give it a new look, there is my guide to steps you should consider. Happy renovating!