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Our Top Outdoor Tile Ideas for 2023

Australia is a nation that loves to spend time outdoors. Our backyard and patio spaces are some of our most heavily used, so choosing the right outdoor tiles can make all the difference to your lifestyle. If you’re thinking about updating your backyard then now’s the time. To help out, we’ve put together this list with a few of our top tile ideas for backyards, patios and pool areas in 2023!

1. Natural Stone Tiles

It’s an outdoor space, so natural materials should be at the top of your list. Happily, there is now a huge selection of outdoor tiles that are produced in natural stones such as travertine, limestone, sandstone and marble.

Natural stone tiles come with infinite variation and subtle colouration. That makes them the perfect touch for an outdoor area that’s complete with elements like natural greenery, stone retaining walls and timber furniture.

2. Bricks and Pattern Tiles

Brickwork is one of Australia’s most common house finishes. Bricks are cheap, tough and recyclable, and they bring strong colour and geometry to outdoor spaces. If you have brick pavers or a brick home, you also have the perfect opportunity to offset that block colour with patterned tiles. The variation, colour and texture provided by pattern tiles is the perfect counterpart to bricks. Combinations like red brick with blue or black patterns add interest and detail, and it’s an easy way to tie the exterior of your home into your outdoor design aesthetic.

3. Monochrome Colour Schemes

There’s nothing more upmarket than having the budget to create monochrome outdoor spaces! Picking one colour and sticking to it can be a real challenge. But, it’s a challenge that pays off when you are left with a stunning outdoor area that looks just like your trip to Greece.

There are no limits on what you can do with monochrome schemes. Sticking to whites, blacks and greys is a good neutral starting point, but you can also choose a more colourful base for your design. Greens, blues and reds all look great outside, and they can be combined with pops of other colours to really make the monochrome stand out.


Outdoor living area

4. Terracotta Tiles and White Render

This classic style is making a huge comeback in 2023! Terracotta tiles were extremely popular in the early 2000s, and once again they’re gaining popularity for their rich colouration and classic appeal. Terracotta tiles are ideal for both walls and flooring, and they’re the perfect pairing with white render on garden beds, walls and features. If you want to take it a step further, the orange of the terracotta also looks perfect when combined with blue pool tiles.

Moreover, if you’re planning a home renovation project and need fundraising ideas, consider hosting a terracotta tile sale or auction to raise funds for your endeavor. Engaging the community through creative fundraising events can not only generate financial support but also foster a sense of involvement and excitement around your renovation plans.

5. Matching Indoor and Outdoor Tiles

Outdoor living is a big deal in Australia. We love to spend our time out in the wild, and some of our favourite interior design trends revolve around bringing the outdoors in. If you love your outdoor time then there’s no better way to blend your spaces than with matching indoor and outdoor tiles!

Most types of outdoor tiles are perfectly suited for indoor use. That allows you to tile your patio and pool area, and then continue that same floor tile throughout your home. This creates a seamless experience that invites you to treat your outdoor spaces as an extension of your main living areas.

6. Blended Flooring Materials

Tile is a great option for outdoor spaces, but it’s not the only surface available. Things like gravel and river rock also look fantastic in patio spaces, and they’re perfect when blended with tiles, pavers and stepping stones. In fact, using things like gravel pathways to join different parts of your yard is a great way to create separation between each zone, allowing you to add a different design touch to each part of the yard!

7. Half Stone, Half Patterned Tile

Stone tiles are some of our all-time favourite surfaces. Real stone tiles come in thousands of varieties and hundreds of different types of stone. That makes it possible to create just about any design using stone outdoor tiles. Of course, huge areas of stone tiles can quickly overwhelm a design, but you can offset the look of stone with options like patterned tiles.

Patterned tiles make a strong statement. They’re also colourful, bright and the polar opposite to natural stone. They’re the perfect complement piece, and they’re great for everything from accent tiles to splashbacks, pool coping and more!