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Paiva Walkways in Arouca by Trimérica

Nelson Garrido

In the breathtaking lansdcape along the Paiva river in Portugal, Lisboa-based engineering firm Trimérica has designed a walkway that offers a unique experience for nature lovers. Paiva Walkways provides a walking path within a breathtaking natural beauty, with picturesque landscapes, waterfalls and a variety of fauna and flora species.

More than a simple walk in contact with the nature, this project committed by the Arouca Minicipality is an unique experience deeply characterized by a dramatic landscape and an infrastructure that interferes as little as possible with the landscape. This is an unusual experience marked by winding stairs to the top of the hill with stunning sceneries, and a very narrow wooden bridges that span across the river among cliffs and abundant vegetation. The walkway continues along the topography, with rest stops and strategic panoramic points to admire the view.

 paiva-walkways-in-arouca-by-trimerica-photo-by-Nelson-Garrido-2 paiva-walkways-in-arouca-by-trimerica-photo-by-Nelson-Garrido-3 paiva-walkways-in-arouca-by-trimerica-photo-by-Nelson-Garrido-4 paiva-walkways-in-arouca-by-trimerica-photo-by-Nelson-Garrido-5 paiva-walkways-in-arouca-by-trimerica-photo-by-Nelson-Garrido-6 paiva-walkways-in-arouca-by-trimerica-photo-by-Nelson-Garrido-7 paiva-walkways-in-arouca-by-trimerica-photo-by-Nelson-Garrido-9 paiva-walkways-in-arouca-by-trimerica-photo-by-Nelson-Garrido-8paiva-walkways-in-arouca-by-trimerica-photo-by-Nelson-Garrido-10 paiva-walkways-in-arouca-by-trimerica-photo-by-Nelson-Garrido-11paiva-walkways-in-arouca-by-trimerica-photo-by-Nelson-Garrido-13 paiva-walkways-in-arouca-by-trimerica-photo-by-Nelson-Garrido-12 paiva-walkways-in-arouca-by-trimerica-photo-by-Nelson-Garrido-14

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