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Pantone Beer Packaging by Txaber

Spanish designer Txaber has created a series of packaging for beer inspired by the famous Pantone color matching system. They have designed a conceptual lineup of beer cans and bottles that matches the color of the beer inside each can with its Pantone swatch. For example a Pale Ale has a light 604C, wheat beer has a somewhat darker 7412C, while an imperial stout has a dark 426C. The typeface chosen is HipstelveticaFontFamily in its bold version, created by Spanish typographer José Gomes.

2-pantone-beer-packaging-by-txaber 3-pantone-beer-packaging-by-txaber 4-pantone-beer-packaging-by-txaber 5-pantone-beer-packaging-by-txaber 6-pantone-beer-packaging-by-txaber 7-pantone-beer-packaging-by-txaber 8-pantone-beer-packaging-by-txaber 9-pantone-beer-packaging-by-txaber 10-pantone-beer-packaging-by-txaber 11-pantone-beer-packaging-by-txaber 12-pantone-beer-packaging-by-txaber

all images courtesy of TXABER