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Perspectives pavilion by Giles Miller

Richard Chivers and John Miller

Perspectives by British designer Giles Miller is an organic pavilion structure covered with Cedar Shingles, which sits atop the beautiful Surrey Hills at Winterfold, and throws itself evocatively into the vista that has been opened up below.

The project aimed to create places of quiet and restful contemplation along a beautiful scenic route on the Hills of Surrey, south of London.


Inspired by the words and messages etched by people in public places, on trees, benches and elsewhere, Giles Miller has collated poetry, messages, initials and messages of love and memory from local schools, residents and other contributors to the project.

These messages have been etched onto the surface of the organic cedar shingles that cover the piece, and appear to throw themselves out towards the front of the sculpture as if voicing their sentiments to the world that opens up below.


At its core, the shingles overlap and the sculpture functions architecturally to protect and shield the user from the elements, but at its mouth the surface flattens and evocatively opens out in dissipation as the shingles appear to fly out towards the waiting valley.

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images by Richard Chivers and John Miller