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Phamily Kitchen Vietnamese restaurant in Collingwood


Phamily Kitchen is a contemporary Vietnamese restaurant nestled within a modest Victorian era shopfront on Smith St, Collingwood, Australia. Its interior recalls traditional Vietnamese food vendors: a tidal wave of vivid blue saturates floor, walls, chairs, tables, utensils and any other paraphernalia left in its wake to reveal a finely crafted insertion into the original, handmade fabric of the building.


The dualism of new and old can be read through adherence to this tidal datum: remnant above the waterline existing brick lintels and other detritus of change and modification over time are left bare in contrast to the new setting.

Bold use of colour at the lower level has been skilfully offset by a raw, matt pink ceiling kept free of services whilst exposed T5 fluorescent lighting has been integrated into the wall panelling to bathe the space in an otherworldly light.

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