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Plane Turns Aircraft Seats into luxury bags and accessories


Plane has turned discarded aircraft seat covers into luxury bags and accessories. They have travelled around the world, had good days and bad, they have seen it all, up in the air and down on the ground, and now Plane aims to give them a new lease of life, a new purpose for a new journey.

Each piece resonates with personality and history, but more importantly it stands for a better way of making by wasting less and using more of what’s already around us.


Founded by Ben and Harry Tucker, the guys behind Fallen Furniture — who turns engine cowlings, wings, doors, ailerons and huge wheels into distinctive bespoke tables, lights, and cocktail cabinets—the debut collection consists of a Weekend bag, Rucksack, Messenger and various Sleeves for Laptops, Tablets and Phones.

Produced entirely in Great Britain, these reclaimed aeronautical textiles are paid the utmpost respect by being paired with the world’s nest vegetable tanned leather, linings and fixtures to produce objects of extraordinary appeal and character.

The collection is available now through Plane’s crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

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all images courtesy of Plane