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Planning to Visit Dubai in 2022? Here Are Four Destinations  

Museum of the Future in Dubai

Dubai is one of the top five visited cities around the world. Known for its impeccable spas and modern architecture, this city is considered the best tourist place. It attracts people given the wide variety of activities available to excite and entertain. The desert-like city has been transformed into beautiful shopping centers, lots of family fun, and offers a rich culture. Dubai is an ever-expanding city with modern infrastructure and exhilarating spots.

Let’s look at the top four destinations in Dubai to include in your travel plans 2022:

1. Dubai Marina

One of the must-see tourist attractions in Dubai is Dubai Marina. As one of the most exotic places, this tourist attraction is gaining popularity. It is the BIGGEST man-made marina around the globe. Moreover, it offers a wide range of activities such as shopping plazas and diverse eateries in the area. The canal city is built along a 3 km length adjacent to Persian Gulf Shoreline. Dubai Marina is segmented into ten areas, and each one forms a unique group providing waterfront, markets, or eateries. It is the perfect tourist attraction for visiting with family and friends.

2. Dubai Dolphinarium 

Are you traveling with children? Want to experience an immersive exhibition of magnificent dolphins performs a show? Dubai Dolphinarium brings an exciting indoor attraction for ultimate family fun. It is situated near Creekside Park and includes a coral reef aquarium and several fish farms. Even though this attraction is famous for seal and dolphin shows, this fully air-conditioned tourist spot hosts several other activities that will keep your family entertained for hours at the end. Enjoy dolphin dance, jump and juggle through hoops in the water show. Your trip will be incomplete if you do not include this sightseeing spot during your 2022 travel plans.

 Cayan Tower in Dubai

3. Saeed Al Maktoum House

A third of the must-visit spot in Dubai in 2022 is The Saeed Al Maktoum House. Situated in Al Shindagha, this historically rich place offers a lot. The architectural building is modified into a museum and exhibits numerous artifacts with their roots in the Arab Dynasty. The palace is an impeccable architectural structure and is no longer a house for the royal family. This destination showcases the history and life of the ruler and their family. It does not have any fences, which ensures a welcoming feel.

4. Dubai Miracle Garden

Listed as the top four destinations in Dubai is the Dubai Miracle garden. It is the ideal tourist attraction for nature lovers with lush gardens. The Miracle Garden will stimulate all your senses and will have you feeling relaxed. It features the most extensive natural flower garden, close to a miracle in a desert. The flower garden is best for families, even if you are looking for a solo walk in tranquility.

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