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Pool Resurfacing Materials to Choose From

Concrete pool

Pools can provide you and your family with fun memories and relaxing summers. There’s nothing quite like cool drinks by the poolside on a warm day, is there? The thing is, pool surfaces require updates much like other parts of a home. 

When your pool has obviously become worn down, it may be time to consider pool resurfacing. When it comes to resurfacing your pool, did you know there are a few options you can consider? 

There are resurfacing materials that can meet the needs of anyone’s style, including fibreglass, concrete, tile, and more. Each has its pros and cons based on costs, durability, and availability. Let’s get into the different pool resurfacing options to help you decide which is the best for you. 


Plaster is likely the most popular material for pool resurfacing due to its versatility. First, it’s the least expensive option, which comes in handy for those on a tight budget. Pool plaster comes in many colours that can match your outdoor décor and provide beautiful water effects. Light colours make your pool look clean and tropical, and darker colours give your pool an aesthetic look. 

When properly maintained, plaster is one of the most reliable and durable materials used to resurface pools. It can be prone to chipping and staining, however, especially in high-trafficked areas, like stairs. This is due to how porous this material is, which is also a factor to consider when balancing chemicals in your pool. Still, cracks in the plaster are easily mended by simply re-applying plaster or painting the fractured area.


Concrete is another versatile choice. It can withstand high temperatures and harsh UV rays, which can be a necessary feature for those who endure oppressive summer temperatures. Concrete is not very water resistant since it’s naturally porous, but when it’s treated correctly it can be water and stain-proof. Much like plaster, applying fixes to concrete is simply done by applying filter materials. 

As far as aesthetics go, concrete lacks a little in giving the most appealing look possible. This is easily enhanced with coloured concrete coating or paint. Plus, concrete can be finished with stained art, logos, faux stones, and other artistry features that give it extra flair. 


Resurfacing a pool with pebbles is actually done with a combination of pebbles, plaster, and rocks. Because of this, the texture of a pebble-resurfaced pool is rougher to walk on or sit on. If you don’t mind the bumpy feeling, resurfacing your pool with pebbles comes with some other decent features. 

Pebble resurfacing allows room for a little more creativity since they come in many different colour combinations. Go for a natural look or get artistic and be as flashy as you want! What’s more, pebbles are much less susceptible to staining and cracking. Pebble resurfacing may be a pricier option, but with proper maintenance, it can last up to 20 years. 

 Mosaic lined swimming pool


Paint resurfacing is by far the least expensive option, but that doesn’t come without some downfalls. Painting over plaster, concrete, or other surfaces offers a quick fix to superficial problems with your pool. It won’t last more than about 3-7 years, however. Acrylic paint yields the least amount of durability in terms of wear and tear, but epoxy can last even longer. 

Of course, paint can come in any colour you want – the sky is the limit! It’s definitely more of a resurfacing material for DIY purposes, which is why it’s recommended to back it up with professionals for long-term results. 


Fibreglass isn’t one of the most popular choices, but it’s becoming more relevant for pool resurfacing materials. This is due in part to its incredible durability and resistance to harmful UV rays that cause other materials to weather and crack. As a result, fibreglass makes for a long-lasting surface for your pool that won’t need replacing as often. 

Fibreglass is what many doors and windowpanes are made of, so you can imagine how resistant it is to weather, water, and stains. It also has a glossy appearance which is attractive, smooth, and modern. 


Resurfacing a pool with tile paves the way for endless style, colour, and shape options. These aren’t the same kinds of tiles you may have in your kitchen or bathroom, however. Instead, pool tile is manufactured to withstand fluctuating temperatures, excessive sunlight, water, and pool chemicals. 

Tiles are expensive options for pool resurfacing. Each tile can cost a pretty penny, and the instalment can cost even more. Plus, it will require consistent sweeping and vacuuming to maintain its cleanliness and strength.


Quartz is a combination of marcite with silica and quartz aggregate. The quartz pieces have ceramic pigments that can make a backyard aesthetic positively glisten! Quartz is strong and very graceful. It can come in a myriad of colours, including reds, tans, blues, whites, and even blacks. 

This is a very low-maintenance option for pool surfaces since it’s naturally non-porous and can stand up well against pool chemicals and harsh weather conditions. Quartz is a hard mineral that is difficult to scratch, crack, or dissolve. Quartz can be one of the most expensive options out there, however. 


Aggregate is just a fancy way of saying the pool resurfacing material is a collection of different elements. This could be any combination of pebbles, plaster, crystals, glass, and more. Since you can add glass beads into the mix, it really delivers in the visual department. Plus, this helps add to its resilience and resistance to breaking. 

Its combination of various materials gives it the best of all worlds in terms of longevity, durability, and ability to hold up against damaging pool chemicals. Aggregate pool resurfacing can last up to 20 years at best and comes with a moderate price tag. 

The Best Resurfacing Material for You

Now you know a little bit about the types of textiles you can use to resurface your pool. When it comes to pool resurfacing materials, one size doesn’t fit all. At least now you can consider which one will suit your needs and provide you with the most summer fun of your life!