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Preserving Memories with Hand-Painted Art

Preserving Memories with Hand-Painted Art

Personalized, Hand-Painted Portraits

Paint Your Life transforms your favorite photos and moments into personalized, hand-painted portraits that become instant heirlooms. Paintings capture depth and characteristics that a printed photo just can’t provide, and that’s why our sole focus is giving you the gift of a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Paint Your Life Uses Art to Tell Your Story

You can transform any photo (or collection of photos) into a hand-painted portrait in the medium and size of your choice. Our customers are welcome to directly participate in the process, involved in everything from choosing the artist and medium (oil, charcoal, pencil, watercolor, pastel, or acrylic) to adding/removing items in the photos. 

Once we’ve received your photo and instructions, we create a digital mock-up so you can see the exact layout of your art. If you want to change anything, we will work with your vision. This first step helps to make all the possibilities reality for our customers as they get a hint of what the final product will entail. 

Often a photo captures a perfect expression, but the background, coloring, or other people in the photo aren’t ideal. Our talented artists can add, remove, and change anything!

About half-way through the creative process we send you some digital images so you can review the progress. If you find anything you want to change, we are happy to do this for you. Sometimes a photo hasn’t really captured something accurately. Maybe the eyes are not quite the right color. That’s OK! We can change anything you want. Every single Paint Your Life creation is done within your exact specifications.

Don’t have everything you want in one photo? No problem! Send the photos to us, and we’ll work with your vision. Perhaps you have a few separate photos of your children looking their best. We can blend these together into a beautiful family portrait. Whatever you can imagine and show us with photos, we can create for you.

 Preserving Memories with Hand-Painted Art

Capture a Priceless Image Before It’s Buried in Your Photos

We only work with top artists who take your wishes and photos and create priceless works of art. Our artists possess a unique set of talents and we are honored to share their gifts with you every day.

Capturing the expressions, emotions, and connections of the people and pets you love is what Paint Your Life is all about. Don’t let those moments get buried in your digital photo storage. Instead, let us create lasting memories that you can enjoy every single day.

Anyone can grab a stock print from the store and put it up on the wall. But those prints don’t express the heart and spirit of the people and animals you love. Our gift to you is a reflection of your life and your loved ones.

Speaking of gifts—Paint Your Life is proud to help you give the gift that will be treasured above all others. Whether we’re capturing the moment you proposed, the excitement of a new member of the family, the childhood pet that will never be forgotten, or a special connection between best friends, we’re here to elevate your gift-giving to treasured heirloom status.

Chat with us today, and start putting your unique vision into timeless art.