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Print Your Favourite Texts and Treasure Those Memories

Print Your Favourite Texts and Treasure Those Memories

Have you ever received a text message that was so heartwarming you wish you could keep it forever? Text messages are something most people send and receive daily. Did you ever wonder what it would be like to go back and read all your text messages like a book? Well, now you can with the help of MonLivreSMS. This service makes it possible for you to do just that. It allows you to save and print your messages to paper books or eBooks. Here’s what you need to know about this app and how to print text messages from your iPhone and other devices.

How Does It Work?

Turning your text messages into a book is easy and can allow you to preserve special memories and conversations. MonLivreSMS makes it easy to save and print your texts and chats from various platforms such as Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and both IOS and Android devices.

Once conversations are saved in the Cloud and backed up on a phone or device, simply download the MonLivreSMS software to a computer. Launch the program and choose the exact conversation you want to save or print. Get creative and design a cover and layout for your book. You can organize texts by conversation or topic, and there is no limit to the number of messages you can print. Books can contain up to 400 pages and 6,000 messages each.

Why Turn Texts Into Books?

There are many reasons you may need to go back and read previous text messages and conversations. Perhaps you want to treasure a relationship that developed over text messages? Or maybe preserve some interesting conversations with your children as a gift on their 21st birthday? MonLivreSMS makes it possible to print out these messages for any occasion, and it’s fast and easy.

 Print Your Favourite Texts and Treasure Those Memories


If you have a particular conversation with friends or family members that means a lot to you and you want to share it with them, a MonLivreSMS book can make a great gift. Design the book around different aspects of your relationship and fill it with all the meaningful moments you have discussed.


Many people don’t realize how much personal information and important facts they share via text messages and social media conversations. If you have discussed things that you need to save for your personal records or want to show proof of a conversation, you may want to organize and print them with the MonLivreSMS software.


There may come a time when you need to refresh your memory of specific conversations or moments with special people in your life. Having these texts printed in a book allows you to pull that book right from the bookcase and have access to these conversations and chats.


If you find yourself looking for an easy way to print out text conversations or messages from social media platforms, MonLivreSMS is an excellent option. It works on a variety of operating systems, and it’s easy to use and fast.