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Purple Color: Color Meaning and Uses

Purple Color: Color Meaning and Uses

It is no wonder that purple has been given a supernatural aura for centuries. With its beautiful color shade, one can never go wrong with using purple. However, you will be surprised to know that purple was not a common sight a few centuries back. It is only with the advent of purple dye and the discovery of purple or violet, known for its shade in the rainbow that purple came to be in advent. Let us find some more interesting facts about its meaning and its uses!

What is Purple?

Purple is considered to be the most powerful visible wavelength of electromagnet energy. This can also explain the fact that it is related to the supernatural and the cosmos. Fascinating, isn’t it? Purple is a mixture of blue and red, where blue is calm and red is fiery. Thus, it can be said that purple is the perfect blend of both calmness and fierceness. How opposing but perfect at the same time! 

Other Names of Purple

Often people wonder how confusing it gets to remember something just by one common name. However, this is not the case with this fantastic color. Various names know purple. Some of it can even come as a surprise to you! Some other famous words of purple are lilac, violet, plum, lavender, royal, mulberry, etc. People remember purple as a shade that is associated with these different objects and names. 

 Purple Color: Color Meaning and Uses

What Does it Symbolize? 

It can surprise many that purple is not just a color, but it symbolizes various things. In general, purple represents mystery, magic, creativity, dignity, royalty, and many more such things. It may also interest you that purple symbolizes no baggage for younger people and is a happy color for them. However, for older people, purple means so much more than just this. Purple is a color that one can love or hate. There is no in-between!

Uses of Purple

Purple is used as an association to different meanings and symbols, but it has its uses in various other aspects. For example, it can be used as both positive and negative inducing colors. Apart from this, there are obvious reasons like decoration, furniture, creating art pieces, etc. Let’s have a look into these in a bit more detail.

  • It can be used as a way to calm one’s irritability and foster creativity in someone. This is because purple is more often than not seen as a cheerful color, and its use in prominent places like at home or the workplace can significantly boost one’s mood.
  • If you are one of those who have a space just for your plants and flowers, purple can be used to enhance that space more. This is because purple is considered to mix very well with green.
  • Purple can also be used to signify something as royal or something which holds significant importance. 
  • Using it to decorate one’s furniture in different color palettes and textures can give calm and a positive effect to one’s living or workspace.
  • In art, purple can be used to give enhancing touches.

 Purple Color: Color Meaning and Uses

How to Make Purple?

If you are one of those who have already referred to a purple color mixing guide, you may already be aware of the different ways to make purple. However, you may not know that apart from mixing primary and secondary colors, you can go far beyond them and make purple in different variations and using different color tones. Let us have a look at some such ways to make purple. 

1. Mixing Blue and Red

One can mix different shades of blue and red to form purple. Some types of blue and red that can be mixed are:

  • Ultramarine Blue + Cadmium Red
  • Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson
  • Cobalt Blue + Cadmium Red
  • Cobalt Blue + Alizarin Crimson

2. Mixing Purple and Yellow

To make light and dark shades of purple, which appear to be a bit dull, unlike other shades, different shades of purple and yellow can be mixed.

  • Provence Violet Bluish + Cadmium Yellow
  • Provence Violet Bluish + Yellow Ochre
  • Dioxazine Purple + Cadmium Yellow
  • Dioxazine Purple + Yellow Ochre

Apart from these, one can easily mix white with any shade of purple to make it light in color and or add a bit of green or red to make the shade of purple darker. 


Isn’t it wonderful how purple, a mere color in terms of words, can be so much more than that? It is amazing that one can do so much with a simple color and give it another meaning. Apart from gaining popularity as color and shade, purple is soon recognized as one of those colors that people love more than hate. It can bring soul and color to anything and can give a great look and aura to anything!