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Reasons Why Polished Concrete Is Good Choice For Flooring

entrance to a gym in Dubai with concrete floor and golden copper details

Polished concrete is a floor founding finishing that is created by a multi-step process wherein a concrete surface is subjected to mechanical grinding at least four times, then honed with bonded abrasives before being chemically treated with a concrete densifier.

Polished concrete is used as flooring in different workspaces, such as offices, commercial gyms, hospitals, warehouses, retail spaces, and restaurants. This article will list the reasons why polished concrete is a good choice for floor finishing in industrial and commercial applications.

Pros of Polished Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring is well known to be exceedingly tough and damage-proof. It can carry heavy loads and constant traffic without extensive wear and tear. It is especially resistant to chipping and scratches. Tire traffic fun vehicles do not damage it, and skid marks will not stick.

It is Long Lasting

Properly installed polished concrete can last for decades with proper maintenance. It has a life span that far exceeds that of other finishes, such as carpeting, wood, and tiles. Even under harsh conditions in industrial environments, there is no danger of needing to frequently replace well-kept polished concrete because of its durability.

It is Easy to Maintain

Most grades of polished concrete can be maintained with a simple daily sweeping and mopping. This will prevent scuffs, smudging, and the accumulation of dirt. To maintain its glossy finish does not involve any complicated stripping or waxing processes. This means there are no expensive long-term maintenance costs to worry about.

 Locker room with printed lockers with striped optical illusion and concrete flooring

It is Relatively Cheap

For a material of such high quality, polished concrete floors can be obtained for a little as $2 per square foot for the least complex types. The cost of installation would be even cheaper ideal if there is existing concrete flooring already in place. That is because polished concrete flooring can be retrofitted in older concrete floors. Long-term maintenance costs are also very low.

It Offers A Wealth of Design Options

Polished concrete can be had in a variety of finishes, textures, and colors. It can even be made with the intention of mimicking the design of other floor finishes with a high degree of accuracy. Engravings are possible, and they can be inlaid with small pieces of quartz or similar for an extra shine.

It is Slip Resistant

The glossy, reflective look may make you feel that polished concrete is actually a slippery injury hazard, especially considering how normal concrete gets. Polished concrete is not the same because it often has a non-slip additive in the epoxy coating so under use there are fewer chances of slipping.

It Can Withstand Heat and Corrosion

Polished concrete can be made specifically for places where there is much heat dissipation or danger of chemical corrosion with the use of specific additives. That means that it can be used in such places without fear of degradation.

In addition to all of this, polished concrete is also sanitary, water-resistant, and contains no volatile organic compounds. That is why it is a material of choice for many commercial and industrial applications.