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Reasons You Should Consider Upgrading Your Home Security System

Young Man in Glasses Wearing a Blue Shirt is Hanging a Modern Movement Detector Unit

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When was the last time you upgraded your home security system? Technology is advancing at an alarming rate and becomes outdated in just a few years. It’s a scary thing for homeowners who have just now discovered how important technology can be for their homes and lives. But don’t worry. Upgrading your home security does not necessarily mean completely stripping out the existing alarm system and starting again from scratch. 

If you’ve already spent a great deal of time and money installing a system, it would be a shame to waste that investment. However, as time passes, technology advances, and so do the criminals. Sometimes you can feel like they’re a step ahead of you if you haven’t upgraded your security system recently. Here are some reasons you should consider upgrading your home security system as soon as possible

Your System is 5+ Years Old

So much can change in just one year, let alone five years. And, the reality is, the longer your security system has been put in use, the more likely an accomplished burglar can find a way to breach it. This can be a locking system, an alarm system, or CCTV, the older it is, the chance are someone somewhere somehow has found a way to subdue its function. That’s one of the reasons why looking to upgrade your home security system more often is a good idea. 

Older systems, locks, in particular, are more vulnerable to breaks ins. More advanced locks are made in such a way to be bump-proofs, with certification bodies attesting that doors have reliable hardware and locking system that can resist bumping. 

These systems have improved over the last year, it’s therefore important to revaluate your old home security system because anything earlier than 2000 will definitely need an upgrade that will align with today’s security threats and standards. 

Older security systems that have been subjected to frequent use and can suffer from circuit malfunction are more susceptible to compromise.

You Don’t Have a Burglar Alarm 

Whether a commercial property or a home, a burglar alarm accomplishes a series of security tasks. For instance, breaching the security system creates a blaring sound response to scare off industries, alert those nearby of the breach and authorities. This system creates a central station response to any alarm event. If necessary, the security system creates a central station response to any alarm event. If anything ever happens, the central station is expected to dispatch the authorities. Modern burglars grow smarter than your older security system, which means they can always find new ways to break in and steal.

Unfortunately, the same services see dozens of outdated alarms system in the field every year. Most homeowners fail to update these important systems as frequently as they update their smartphones, computers, and other important devices. 

 Young Man in Glasses Wearing a Blue Shirt is Screwing a Modern Wi-Fi Surveillance Camera with Two Antennas on a White Wall at Home

You Don’t Control Your Security System With Your Phone 

Homeowners expect to control many devices around their house with their smartphones. However, many are still surprised by the fact that many security services offer this option. If you have an outdated alar panel, you’d likely need to update it to add this monitoring service. The thing is, most home security systems that have been installed over the last decade or so offer this option. You can simply install the smartphone dialler to provide your alarm monitoring whenever and wherever you are. At this point, you can monitor your alarm through a mobile network rather than over-the-phone lines. This offers extra security compared to connecting your alarm to a phone line. Furthermore, intruders frequently cut property’s phone lines between attempting a break-in. An automated phone dialler will keep your home system monitored even if this happens. 

Your Family Members Can’t Understand the Old Alarm System 

Most systems come with keypads that communicate a message to you. Outdated alarm systems d so using flashing lights. Modern and more advanced alarm keypads boast LCDs that spell out any status updates that you and others in your home can understand. 

The latest alarm systems even have a full-screen touchscreen display that makes reading through status messages convenient and intuitive. Consider upgrading it to a more modern alarm panel if you’re perplexed by what your alarm system has to say. By doing so, you will completely optimize your experience using the alarm. 

What’s more, it will add extra security, as you won’t have any problem diagnosing any issues and taking the proper steps to address them. 

You Can’t Control Your Surveillance System With Your Phone

As you’ve probably noticed, we value using the smartphone to augment security on both the alarm and surveillance sides of the security system. When you upgrade it, you connect your surveillance system to a video recorder. This smart device captures video 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Not to mention that any surveillance system manufactured in the last ten years allows us to connect the camera to the property’s network.  

This allows for smarter and more precise video footage remotely via internet-connected devices like your smartphone or laptop. The ability to remotely check your security system brings with both security and peace of mind. 

Modern Tech Is Made More Robustly 

New manufacturing and design methods that aim to solve problems have grown more evident with the use of different security appliances. 

For instance, circuit boards in older units are compromised by weather. But you will find that newer models are made to ensure the circuit boards and panels are self-contained and protected from dampness. 

Compared to older models, more advanced security systems are made to operate effectively through chancing temperatures and humid weather conditions. These systems are worth both your time and money since they’re designed to better stand environmental conditions, serve longer and be more dependable. .