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Renault Eolab 1 litre/100km car

Renault presents Eolab, a new prototype which explores ways to deliver ultra-low fuel consumption. It boasts a combined cycle consumption of 1 litre/100km, equivalent to 22g of CO2/km. To achieve such low figures, the designers focused their efforts on three main areas: minimising weight, refining aerodynamics and using “Z.E. Hybrid” technology for all, a brand new initiative which permits zero emissions motoring during everyday use.


As an innovative showcase with an environmental core, Eolab includes a very high number of technological advances that are destined to be carried over gradually to vehicles available in the showroom. As a consequence, Eolab underlines the undertaking of Renault, already a pioneer in the field of zero-emission mobility thanks to its range of electric vehicles, to take even greater steps to produce affordable models that have an increasingly smaller carbon footprint.


For Renault, the purpose of Eolab is to remain true to the company’s dna by ensuring that ultra-low fuel consumption becomes a reality for as many people as possible. This in turn means making its technologies available at a price that people can afford. Eolab features materials such as magnesium and aluminium, which are extremely light and also much cheaper than titanium.

The Eolab, which will be produced in large numbers within the next 10 years, will display its sustainable technologies at the 2014 Paris Motor Show.


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all images and video courtesy of RENAULT