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Revamp Your Bedroom with the Latest Interior Style Tips and Trends 

Modern bedroom with artwork on the walls

Bedrooms are the place we spend the most amount of time in during our lifetime – with people spending on average a third of their lives asleep. This doesn’t take into account the additional time we spend in our bedrooms relaxing. So with this in mind, it is arguably one of the most important rooms to design in a way you love.

An aesthetically pleasing, comfortable bedroom that you love isn’t just something to aspire to for vanity. It can be good for our health as it will make it much easier to relax, relieve stress and get a good night’s shut-eye.

UK bedroom experts who provide luxury, bespoke sleep solutions to both consumers and commercial customers, Sonno has shared their interior tips and trends for 2022 to help you create a dreamy room that you’ll be delighted to drift off in.

In the age of social media, interest in interior design has skyrocketed in recent years. Many people are inspired by the posts they see online of peoples homes and actively search for the latest trends on very visual platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.

One place to look is the popular interior design hashtags on Instagram for example, the hashtag #bedroominspo which currently has over 1.6million posts – so you’ll definitely find something that sparks some imagination of what you can achieve in your own home.

The popular trend of posting our interior design tips and pics on social media is a great way for people to realise they can totally transform a room with simple changes, so it is definitely a good starting place to look for ideas and the latest trends. It’s also spurring people on to be more adventurous with their design choices, and join in on the fun of designing a room you’re proud of to share with others online.

Mixing style with functionality 

How to design a bedroom is a very personal choice however, room design isn’t just about aesthetics it looks at seeking new ways to make rooms more functional to meet our day-to-day needs.

A trend that is set to become even more popular in 2022 is the move towards stylish storage beds with drawers and ottomans.

 Close-up of bedside lamp ceiling lamp in modern bedroom

Using your bed to make a statement

Beds are often the largest piece of furniture in our bedrooms (unless you have a huge wardrobe!) so, opting for a statement bed is a great way to give your room a refresh.

Sleigh beds are also expected to be a big trend in 2022 as well as beds with big statement headboards – which are definitely a way to add a luxury feel and totally change the look of your room in an instant.

Upcycle old furniture to match your new colour scheme 

Lots of design trends for bedrooms in 2022 are directed towards creating light, neutral, calming spaces. People are achieving this through painting rooms in neutral colours such as creams, whites, light greys, pale, earthy greens.

Choosing neutral coloured furniture, such as white, greys, and creams can create a whole new look for your space and maintain a light neutral theme throughout. One good way to affordably and easily change all your existing furniture could be to upcycle drawers and wardrobes by painting them and changing handles – and there are many options to pick from in terms of shapes and colours for handles, for example, matt black, rose-gold and gold are popular choices at the moment. This can make your room look like you’ve spent thousands on high-end luxury items in a few simple steps.

Make it your own style

The biggest thing to consider when redesigning your bedroom is making it work for you. It’s your tranquil private haven and it should reflect what you want your space to be. So the light neutral look isn’t for everyone.

As people have become braver with design, there is an increasing trend towards bolder choices that show off people’s personalities and favourite colours, for example, bold blue schemes including blue beds are on the rise. Adding wooden panelling behind beds has also become a sought after trend, which is how many people are adding in a pop of colour too.

Lastly, a quick tip to transform the look and feel of a bedroom on a budget, or if you can’t redecorate for example, if you’re in student accommodation, could be to just simply change or add in some simple styling details such as switching to a bolder choice of bed linen, adding a throw and scatter cushions and putting up some artwork using damage-free command strips.