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Roof Repair or Replace? How to Determine What Your Roof Needs 

Roof Repair or Replace? How to Determine What Your Roof Needs 

Every segment of your home is there to protect you from the elements. The most important of these is your roof. This cover protects not only your home’s interior but also you and your family. On top of this, it maintains comfort levels throughout the year. 

Repair or Replace?

Like the rest of your home’s components, your roof doesn’t last a lifetime. Eventually, you end up repairing or replacing items to extend its usefulness. However, what does a maintenance service have to repair or totally replace? We have discussed many roofing contractors; NorthStarContruction’s owner David (http://northstarconstruction.org/modesto-roof-repair/) helped to create this guide. Here are some ways to determine what your roof needs.


A home’s gutters are critical to the roof’s lifespan. Though they’re installed under the roofline, its operations can affect many facets. The main one is how it gets rid of liquid from the roof.

In a sloped design, precipitation slides off the roof into the gutter channels. From there, it moves into a series of downspouts. However, when either the channel or downspout gets clogged with debris, the water has nowhere to go.

Since there’s no more room, the water either stays on the roof or starts to splash onto other surfaces. This increases damage to the roofline and the gutters.

In these situations, the gutters need repair instead of replacement. Debris removal and a secured cover prevent further clogs in the channels and downspout. However, if the debris and water result in sagging gutters, then they need to be replaced. Not the whole unit per se, but at least the part that’s broken.


Fascia boards join the outer walls of your home to the roofline. They’re used to protect the space from moisture and other environmental conditions. Unfortunately, their position on your home’s exterior means they’re susceptible to damage.

The fascia boards are installed above the gutters. When they don’t operate properly, the water in the channels overflows and splashes onto the boards. They continue to rot the longer the issues aren’t addressed. In turn, water starts to leak down the home’s interior walls.

Fascia boards must be replaced. Rotted wood does not dry and restores itself to health. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The wood continues to break down until there’s none left. Also, if they never dry, the boards can develop a deadly mold that quickly spreads through your walls.

 Roof Repair or Replace? How to Determine What Your Roof Needs 


Your roof’s shingles receive the most abuse. They handle the summer sun and snowy winters. They try to hang on during windstorms and hurricanes. They take the brunt of woodpeckers and other animals. Yet, they tend to remain sturdy throughout their life.

Nevertheless, shingles can’t be repaired. Patches only do so much for a panel that’s blistered or cracked. It’s why they need to be replaced by the roofing company. Though it might not have the same color as the other shingles, it has the necessary sturdiness.


Parts of your roof are exposed due to items like chimneys and vents. Installers use flashing to cover these spaces. The silver, reflective material is normally seen if you examine the roof from a distance. 

This flashing comes off due to wear or weather conditions. In these situations, a repair might be the only thing needed if only a part of the flashing came loose. It might need additional fasteners to keep it in place.


The roof is only one component used to maintain comfort in your home. The other is insulation. When it’s lined or sprayed along the roofline’s interior, the material keeps the space cool in the summer and warm in the summer. This filters down into your living spaces.

When insulation starts to fail it’s for one of two reasons. First, the original amount of insulation used wasn’t enough for the space. Second, damage occurs due to roof-based issues like leaks.

Insulation and moisture do not mix. A leak onto the fiberglass causes the material to go bad. The more the leak spreads the less insulation there is to maintain a home’s comfort. You might notice this if you have to frequently turn up the heat or air conditioner. You may also notice it in the cost of your electric and heating bills. 

Insulation can’t be repaired. The damaged parts can be removed; however, they need to be replaced with new material. 


There may come a time where you glance at your roof and notice it’s sagging in places. This might be connected to poor construction. It might also be related to an excess of weight. When the roof is overwhelmed by too much precipitation that has nowhere to go, possibly due to poor gutter drainage, it puts pressure on the shingles, wood, and joints. 

This issue is repairable under certain conditions. Installers need to examine the situation to determine the problem’s location. From there, they can calculate what’s needed and how much it costs to fix.

It doesn’t matter what’s wrong with your roof. It needs to be repaired without delay. When you leave the problem alone it’s bound to get worse. Eventually, a repair that would have cost a few hundred dollars becomes a full replacement that costs thousands.

Unless you’ve trained in installation and repairs, don’t try to fix the issue to save money. You risk harm to yourself and your home. Make sure to call a licensed installation company to make the necessary fixes or replacements.