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Should You Dress Up Your Dog For Winter?

Should You Dress Up Your Dog For Winter?

If you have a canine friend, as a responsible pet parent, you want only what’s best for him or her. That means that, with the cold season around the corner, you wonder whether your furry companion should get a wardrobe overhaul.

That’s a reasonable concern. Some pet owners might say that dogs have their coats, and they’re naturally protected from cold, but not all breeds are the same. If you notice that your dog starts shivering once you take him or her outside, that is a clear sign that there’s nothing wrong with a bit of dressing up.

Why your dog might not like the idea

One thing that you may notice when you try to put on a coat on your dog, or even a cute little sweater, is that he or she isn’t that crazy about it. Yes, you took your time and chose something stylish, but that might not be that comfortable for your dog, as well.

Dogs are not used to wear clothes because this is not a natural thing for them. Therefore, the first reaction might be, at least for some dogs, to react like dressing up is a form of punishment.

The key to making your dog wear a coat in winter – or a cute knitted sweater – is to use a lot of encouragement. As mentioned earlier, your dog might feel the cold and can even get sick if you take him or her outside. This happens because some breeds are not native to the area you live in, and they are not adapted to the weather conditions.

Be aware that some dogs will never wear a coat, even in the harshest weather conditions. Run a test drive while at home, and don’t just go out with a dog that never wore pet clothes. See if the dog is comfortable while you’re still indoors. But if you notice a ‘freezing in place’ posture, that’s a clear sign that your pet doesn’t appreciate the new coat at all.

 Should You Dress Up Your Dog For Winter?

What dogs benefit from wearing clothes in winter?

That’s an important question, and the answer will help you decide on dressing up your pet or not at all. Breeds with short hair are likely candidates since they don’t have that much of a protective coat as other breeds. Also, senior dogs experience low temperatures in different ways than younger ones.

The same thing is true about puppies. They don’t have yet a thick furry coat to keep them warm, and that’s why it is your responsibility to care for them properly. Make sure that you get the right type of pet clothes for your dog, so that the neck, the belly, and the back are all protected from inclement weather.

Aim at your dog’s comfort, not style

While you may feel tempted to dress up your dog for a walk, make sure that the clothes you pick are comfortable for him or her. A good idea, for instance, would be to get waterproof clothes if you live in an area where rains are a common occurrence.

Another aspect to look for is the presence of lining on the inside of a coat or a sweater. The fabric shouldn’t rub against your dog’s skin, as it can lead to unpleasant consequences.

 Should You Dress Up Your Dog For Winter?

Don’t invest in pet clothes that are too tight

You may think that a coat for a dog should fit snugly to serve its purpose, but that’s hardly the case. Your pet must maintain his or her ability, or otherwise, you won’t have that much of a good time when you go out in the park or for a walk.

Make sure that there are no straps, zippers, and other elements that can make your dog uncomfortable. All the Velcro fasteners should be placed in such a way that they don’t get in contact with the dog’s skin, especially in areas where the fur is thinner, such as the belly. Also, if your dog undergoes treatment for fleas, he or she must enjoy proper relief when wearing a coat, as you can learn from this review.

Don’t forget about booties

If you are that serious about dressing up your dog, don’t forget to protect his or her paws, as well. Dog booties are an excellent idea, and you will love how cute your pet looks in them.