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Signage Design and Placement: An Effective Approach

Signage Design and Placement: An Effective Approach

Do you know the purpose of signage in your business? In the past, signs were exclusively used for helping people find their way. This was the case for both interior and exterior signage. Today, however, signage has many new and innovative purposes worth noting. The right signage can serve as a branding and marketing tool for your business, but only if you get the design and placement right.

Now is the time to let your signage speak for itself, and getting help from the pros with this is crucial. “It’s through the most sophisticated projects that we get challenged to improve our design and manufacturing processes. And we get to enjoy the outcome just as much as our clients do,” says Gevorg Hambardzumyan, CEO Front Signs, a US-based B2B signage company.

With this attitude and view on creating innovative signage, you will discover it is possible to create the unique designs you want to capture attention and make sure that people passing by take notice. Effective placement also plays a big part in how effective your signage is.

Here are some tips to help you with your interior sign placement to ensure the locations work with the bigger design of the space.

 Signage Design and Placement: An Effective Approach

Take Time To See What Your Customer Sees

The first step in figuring out where to install any type of business sign is to look at things from your customer’s perspective. By doing this, you can see the way they move through your building and business. You can also find the confusing areas where they may stop to see where they should go next.

An effective way to gather this information is by tracking the paths users are taking while visiting your office. It is necessary to track your regular visitors as well as any occasional and new users. While this may seem invasive, taking time to see where they go, pause, and look around will be beneficial in deciding where to put your signs.

Keep in mind that there could be placement differences in visitors who come during the day versus at night. Keep in mind, there will likely be similarities, too. You can use these similarities to find the absolute best locations for the signage that you decide to use.

Placing Your Interior Signs

Once you have done your initial research and gathered data about your best placement locations, it is time to begin a distribution and installation plan. While you can base your decisions on the information you have gathered, there are also a few places where signage should always be installed. Keep reading to learn about the best locations for your business signage.

Placement Behind Your POS (Point of Sale)

Regardless whether you run a retail store or restaurant, placing signage behind your POS is a smart move. Here you can provide all types of important and relevant information related to different aspects of your business.

Cash Wrap Signage

What does your inventory look like? Are there a lot of options? If so, your customers may find the shopping process somewhat overwhelming. You can overcome the problem by putting your indoor signage in locations that will most benefit your business. Some ideas include placing them next to items you are trying to sell quickly, or items that you have on sale.

Another popular option for indoor signage is to use signs to highlight discounts or promotions that you have going on. When customers approach the POS to pay, they likely don’t want to hear new sales pitches or other information at that time. With the right signage, you can share these messages without having to say a word, before they decide they are finished shopping.

Next to Doorways

Exterior signage is great for letting people know where your business is located. However, if you have a business that is part of a bigger complex, this may be more challenging than you think. In this case, customers or clients may wonder exactly how to find you. With this situation, you can utilize indoor signage as wayfinding, getting back to the original purpose of signage: helping people learn where to go.

 Signage Design and Placement: An Effective Approach

Why Indoor Signage Is a Must-Have for Every Business

When you own a business, you may think that exterior signage is the only kind that makes an impact on potential customers. This is not the case. While having exterior signs is important, indoor signs are going to help keep your customers coming back.

If you still aren’t convinced that you need to invest in indoor signage, here are some of the biggest benefits offered by quality, innovative, and properly designed interior signage.

Brand Reinforcement

You must find ways to create a lasting and positive impression. This is especially beneficial for a new client or customer. If you can repeat the branding you have created by the proper placement of indoor signage, you remind customers about your business and what you offer. By customizing your indoor signage to show off your logos, color scheme, and more, you can reinforce your brand’s uniqueness and build a positive brand association.

Advertising and Additional Company Information

Just knowing about your business isn’t enough. And having customers simply understand what your business is about does not mean they will make more informed buying decisions. By designing and implementing the best indoor signage, however, it is possible to provide more detailed advertising materials to your customers, all while expanding the key message your company is trying to broadcast. Even though their readability and size limit exterior signs, you can use interior signs to point out helpful information about your business to drive sales.

Visual Appeal

Did you know that creating signs with clean graphics and an attractive design can improve the aesthetic of your business environment? The right – or wrong – signage is also going to create a lasting impression on your current customers, potential customers, and future customers.

You can use signage to showcase what type of brand you want to portray. Does your company have a more laid-back feel? Do you prefer to keep things serious? You have a lot of sign options to think about based on the type of “vibe” you want to create. For example, if you want to acknowledge your donors and sponsors, a well-designed donor recognition signage created by Donor Signs will not only look good but will also represent your organization better and lasts longer.

Keep in mind that the right signage is not only beneficial for your customers and clients, it can benefit your team, as well. Employees surrounded by on-brand, visually appealing, and positive signage are going to be more confident in their workplace, and this can result in higher levels of productivity.

Compliance with Federal Regulations

Signage is also required by certain laws, such as the ADA. It is important to find out what is required by your business to ensure you are compliant with these laws and regulations. Failure to do this may result in fines and other penalties for your business.

Creating Appealing and Helpful Designs with Quality Signage

Designing quality signage and installing it in the best locations will lead to higher levels of success for your business. It is best to remember the tips and information here, to maximize the benefits provided by the signage you have in place.

Signage is not a one-size-fits-all marketing tool. You have to carefully consider the needs of your business. Keep this in mind to minimize issues and enjoy the benefits that come with quality signage.