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Signs That Your Furnace Might Need a Repair

Signs That Your Furnace Might Need a Repair

With winter quickly approaching Indianapolis and the rest of the country, your furnace is about to be turned on after months of being dormant. However, you want to make sure it still works before it’s too late. As a result, now is the right time to reach out to a company that specializes in Furnace repair in Indianapolis if your furnace needs some attention.

But how can you know whether your furnace actually needs to be serviced, or if it is good to go for the winter? With that in mind, this blog post is going to go over a few signs your furnace may need a repair.

Strange Smells

If you begin to smell strange scents once you turn your furnace, it might be a sign that you need to have it repaired. There are many smells coming from your furnace that should raise some red flags. This could be a musty smell, a smell similar to rotten eggs, a dusty smell or even a furnace that smells like burnt plastic.

Each smell can be caused by something completely different, and in most cases, it’s a better idea to have an expert try to diagnose the cause, rather than attempting to do it yourself.

 Signs That Your Furnace Might Need a Repair

Uncharacteristic Sounds

No furnace will operate completely silent. There will always be a little bit of noise, and this generally isn’t cause for concern. But if you begin hearing sounds you don’t hear often, that might be worth taking a closer look at.

This could be loud rattling, clanging, banging, screeching or any other sounds that you are worried about. If you hear these, it is a good idea to turn the furnace off and immediately reach out to a repair company. The last thing you want to do is run the furnace while it is damaged, potentially breaking it even further.

It Doesn’t Start Consistently

Some furnaces might take a few seconds to kick on and start pumping out heat, and this is completely normal. However, if you need to start the furnace multiple times to work, this could be cause for concern. This can waste a ton of time, and could be a sign the furnace is failing.

The same goes for if the furnace randomly turns off during the day and needs to be restarted. Sometimes this issue with starting and staying on can stem from something simple, but it can be hard to figure out and diagnose on your own.

 Signs That Your Furnace Might Need a Repair

It Doesn’t Heat Your Home As Well as it Should

All furnaces have the duty of keeping your home warm throughout the winter. Unfortunately, over time, your furnace might become a little less effective at doing this job. If you notice differing levels of heat in many different areas, or the furnace simply cannot warm your home to the levels you want, it might be time to call in a professional to take a look.

Your furnace should heat a home evenly when it is working well, so having hot or cold patches can be a sign that the heat isn’t going as far as it used to.

You should also watch for furniture blocking the vents, as that can also lead to a furnace not running as efficiently as it should. But if nothing is blocking the vents, and the filters/ducts are all good, there is a good chance the issue lies somewhere within the furnace itself.

Getting Your Furnace Back up and Running

By being aware of these signs, you can ensure that you get your furnace back up and running quickly and easily. If you ignore them, you could be in for a long and cold winter, so do your best not to ignore them.