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Simple Summer Decorating Ideas

Simple Summer Decorating Ideas

Yes, you don’t have to ask. You need a new decoration for the summer. Summer is best enjoyed when spent outdoors. But if you would rather spend it indoors, then you will need decorations that will ensure there is enough air circulation. You should consider adding style and elegance to your home this summer with these ideas we have collected for you. 

1. Declutter your room to enable the free flow of air. If you have a lot of things in your room, then decluttering them will be the best option. When the room is too stuff with furniture and tools and books or unused items you seem not to get rid of, cause you think they might be of use to you someday, now is the best time to get rid of them. I am not sure that someday will ever come. Whatever is not valuable to you or of immediate use should be put away. When you declutter your room, there will be more space for air circulation which will provide a comfortable place for you to spend your hot summer indoors.

2. Set fans in places that were none; you can only be able to stay and have a comfortable time indoors with enough air circulation. Create space where you can have a fan installed apart from the ceiling fan. You can place a fan on a table or in a corner. 

 Simple Summer Decorating Ideas

3. Let open the windows and pull up the curtains. There are other times when staying outdoors is not even an option. With the scorching sun at its peak, it’s better you stay indoors. But in order to still have air circulation and still find some comfort of relaxation indoors, you should open your windows wide and have your curtains pull up. Moreover, the best curtains for the summer is light and bright curtains that the air can be able to push back and forth. And through this action, more air can be in the room.

4. Picking a colour for your interior should be brilliant colours. From your bedding sets, your roofing to your flooring, you should consider all shades of light colours. You should also consider grey, pale blue, or cream colours. That is if you do not wish to settle for all things white. 

5. Make your garden green with plants; growing leafy plants in your garden is a very remarkable idea. Having leafy plants in your garden will create an atmosphere of fresh air and in the process help in cooling down your space for you. 

6. Add a cloth swing or a hammock to your garden accessories; this would make an ideal place to cool off in hot weather. The garden, as a result of the flowers, have a way of cooling off the surrounding environment. By positioning your cloth swing or a hammock, you have found yourself a perfect place of relaxation in the summer.

 Simple Summer Decorating Ideas

7. Replace your lights with LED or florescent bulbs; these lights are recommended for the summer because they are energy conservers, which means, they do not increase the temperature of the environment like the high energy bulbs do. They can actually help to keep the heat outdoors while lightening up your home with their brilliant glow.

8. Go on a spree with decking accessories for your composite decking; because you will be spending much time here during the summer, it is justifiable. No one will say that you are overdoing your decking, not even you. Settling for stylish composite decking material adds both beauty and glamour to your deck.

9. The fireplace; you don’t have to think much about what to do with the fireplace. Get the wood out of the way, clear the place up, and place a flower vase right there. Give it a try, it’s the best alternative, or you can have a huge framed art, or a huge family photo positioned there to cover the place up.