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Small Modern Kitchen Design: How to Design a Small Kitchen

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Did you know that a kitchen renovation can add as much as a 52% return on any investment you make? The good news is that whether selling or renovating, you don’t need acres of space to turn your kitchen into something breathtaking.

With some simple design solutions, you can turn even the tiniest of kitchens into something befitting the front cover of an interior design magazine.

To help you do that, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to small, simple kitchen design to enable you to make the most of your space.


Color choice is a great way to make a small modern kitchen design feel bigger. White is the obvious candidate here because it’s highly effective at reflecting light so it will add the illusion of space.

And other light neutral colors like beiges, creams, and pale greys have an equally positive effect. Choosing various light shades will help give the room some depth and stop it from feeling too bland.

Another trick is to add a brighter contrasting color as an accent in a room, such as your tile splashbacks. A more brilliant hue will draw your eye to the color and detract from the petite room size.

It’s an old trick, but it works exceptionally well. You could also use bright accent colors on kitchen accessories, furniture, or wall decor.

If you’re not a fan of neutrals, you can opt for dark bold colors on your kitchen units and countertops. But to do this effectively, pair it with simplicity in the rest of your color scheme.

For example, if you want a fashionable dark wood and navy blue kitchen, go for bright whites or pale creams for the walls, flooring, and ceiling. And keep accessories color-coordinated.


When planning a kitchen design for small kitchens, you need as much natural light as possible.

While you may not have the budget to install new windows, you can do simple tricks to increase natural light, such as cutting back any hedging or trees outside your kitchen.

If your natural light is limited, it’s time to start planning what lighting fixtures you can add to your kitchen to help brighten the space and make it feel more open and roomy.

Spotlights are the easiest way to light a small kitchen and will appeal to you if you prefer a simple or minimal kitchen design style. Spotlights are also efficient for providing plenty of light when you’re preparing food.

For the more adventurous homeowner, you can use your kitchen lights to make a design statement. That will make your small kitchen appear unique and high-end and leave visitors less focused on the lack of space.

Colorful vintage lights could offer you a fashionable statement piece, or try a trio of low-hanging glass or metal pendants for a more modern, industrial look.

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Working With Space

One of the top kitchen design tips is to plan a clever layout to help make it a more usable space.

You want to aim for a layout that avoids people bumping into each other or cabinet doors that open onto chairs or dining tables. So here is how you configure a design to maximize the space.

Use clever pull-out shelves in your kitchen cabinets. That will help you maximize your storage and make it easier to access items.

You can also try hanging units for large utensils, glasses, or pans to help save space in your cabinets. And keep extra floor items like bins hidden away inside kitchen cupboards.

Use height to get the most cabinet space in your room. Add shelving in spaces between cabinets to store occasional items. You can even add extra drawer space below cabinets. These are known as toe-kickers.

Another option, if you have limited cabinet space, is to create a separate pantry in another part of your house. That needs to be a clean, dry space, but you can build it into most downstairs empty wall recesses or under the stairs.

Furniture and Kitchen Equipment

Foldable furniture is the tried and tested kitchen design advice to maximize space. And the good news is that designs have come a long way in recent years, so you can make these tables and chairs look stylish and modern.

Breakfast bars, with stools that store underneath the countertop, are another great option if you don’t need a large dining area for your home.

If you have a corner space for a dining table, you can maximize your seating arrangements by having corner benches built into the walls.

You can free up counter space by having integrated appliances such as microwaves and chopping boards.

You can even buy integrated coffee machines for those needing that morning caffeine dose! Workstation kitchen sinks are also ideal for small kitchens, giving you a versatile extra countertop for prepping food. Additionally, consider incorporating RC Coppin kitchen worktop styles for added elegance and durability to enhance your small kitchen’s design. These worktops not only elevate the aesthetics of your kitchen but also provide a sturdy and functional surface for your daily culinary activities. With a range of styles and materials available, you can find the perfect worktop to complement your small kitchen’s design.

Decor and Curtains

The decor is one small kitchen area where you can have fun and be daring. You can use decor for accent colors or as a statement piece, and the more unusual designs work best.

 The same goes for curtains and blinds. If you’ve opted for a neutral color scheme, you can add more color and pattern to curtains and blinds.

One important point to remember is that when opting for blinds, choose a style like Roman that will give you maximum natural light in the day.

If you choose bench seating, this is another area where you can add a splash of color and pattern. Choose contrasting, bright cushions to balance a pale and minimal kitchen color scheme.

If you want an ultra-modern and minimal kitchen and your window overlooks a private garden, why not forgo blinds and curtains altogether and have a bare, bright window?

The Beauty of Small, Simple Kitchen Design Ideas

These innovative and stylish ideas for a small, simple kitchen design will help you to maximize your space and turn it into something stunning. Why not start collecting some ideas for your space-saving kitchen renovation?

We hope you enjoyed this kitchen design guide. It’s now over to you. Have you renovated a small kitchen before? If so, share your tips on interior design for a small kitchen with our readers in the comments below.