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Smart Connected COBI Bicycle System

The Smart Connected COBI Bicycle System is the smartest way to upgrade your bicycle – making every ride more rewarding and fun. COBI adds 100 intelligent features to any bicycle, with a simple, predictive and beautiful interface on your smartphone. COBI runs off your Android or iOS smartphone, with the phone sitting in an IPX-6 water-resistant dock, attached to the handle bars, that integrates an LED headlight, an electronic horn, and sensors including accelerometer, barometer, altimeter and ambient light sensor. With COBI you can call friends, listen to music, track fitness, improve your performance and check the advanced weather forecast. Navigation is available too, with users being able to get turn-by-turn directions, 2D and 3D mapping, bike lanes, popular routing and buddy radar.


COBI provides more visibility with a LED light system with dynamic lighting that adjusts its brightness levels for every situation. Auto Brake Light signals sharp deceleration, while turn signal announces your change of direction. And the best thing: it’s all wireless! COBI is all about security too. With the COBI Hub securely attached, you decide who rides your bike. COBI only unlocks for you. On top, the motion-sensitive Theft Alarm scare away thieves with its light and sound alert.

COBI is available to pre-order now on Kickstarter from $115 USD.



all images and video courtesy of COBI