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Smart’s Dancing Traffic Light Manikin

Automotive brand Smart has developed an interactive installation to keep the streets safer with its dancing traffic light manikin. We all know that waiting on the street while the traffic lights change from red to green can be a little boring, so Smart has made an action to transform this time into a fun experience. And you’ll wonder, how did they do that? Smart invited people to enter  into a special box where they could dance and then their dance was emulated by the traffic light manikin, so the streets where full of fun.

The company built the signal at an intersection in Lisbon, Portugal, earlier this summer as part of its ‘WhatAreYouFOR’ campaign. Take a look at the videos below to see the dancing traffic light manikin in action, and for a behind the scenes look at the making of the installation.


2-smarts-dancing-traffic-light-manikin 3-smarts-dancing-traffic-light-manikin 4-smarts-dancing-traffic-light-manikin 5-smarts-dancing-traffic-light-manikin 6-smarts-dancing-traffic-light-manikin

all images and video courtesy of SMART | H/t mashable