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Snarkitecture x PAOM Architectural Camouflage


New York-based studio Snarkitecture has teamed up with Print All Over Me (POAM) to realize the Architectural Camouflage collection. This new series of apparel uses allover prints of white building materials that allow the wearer to blend into their architectural surroundings. The first release of this series includes subway tile, marble, and hex tile all printed at a 1:1 scale on a range of wearable PAOM pieces. Architectural Camouflage allows the wearer to create moments of architectural confusion through interaction with the built environment, making architecture perform the unexpected.

Snarkitecture x PAOM Architectural Camouflage collection is available now at Print All Over Me website.

 2-snarkitecture-x-paom-architectural-camouflage 3-snarkitecture-x-paom-architectural-camouflage 4-snarkitecture-x-paom-architectural-camouflage 5-snarkitecture-x-paom-architectural-camouflage 6-snarkitecture-x-paom-architectural-camouflage 7-snarkitecture-x-paom-architectural-camouflage 8-snarkitecture-x-paom-architectural-camouflage 9-snarkitecture-x-paom-architectural-camouflage

all images courtesy of SNARKITECTURE