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Stereokitchen Restaurant and Bar in Beirut by Paul Kaloustian + .PSLAB


Situated on the rooftop of an office building, Stereokitchen is a versatile entertainment venue in Beirut designed by Paul Kaloustian. Its transparent open plan is designed to cater to both fine dining during the week and a more clubbing set-up on weekends. .PSLAB collaborated with the architects on the concept, design and fabrication of a ceiling that would reflect the versatility of the space and emphasize its open plan.


The indoor space consists of circular glass pavilion, overlooking a 360-degree panoramic terrace. The space is designed to eliminate visual obstructions and allow for maximum transparency. The concept of the ceiling follows through by creating an unobtrusive system that houses the lighting, climate control and sound systems.

 3-stereokitchen-restaurant-and-bar-in-beirut-by-paul-kaloustian-pslab 4-stereokitchen-restaurant-and-bar-in-beirut-by-paul-kaloustian-pslab 5-stereokitchen-restaurant-and-bar-in-beirut-by-paul-kaloustian-pslab 6-stereokitchen-restaurant-and-bar-in-beirut-by-paul-kaloustian-pslab 7-stereokitchen-restaurant-and-bar-in-beirut-by-paul-kaloustian-pslab 8-stereokitchen-restaurant-and-bar-in-beirut-by-paul-kaloustian-pslab

all images © JOE KESROUANI