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Tattoaria House by Studio dLux, São Paulo

Alessandro Guimarãe

Brazilian architecture firm Studio dLux has transformed an old warehouse in São Paulo, Brazil, into a collaborative tattoo studio called Tattoaria House. Studio dLux designed the space to hold exclusive work area for temporary tattooist from all over the world, but also a useful place for parties and events. The warehouse is divided in three parts, the first one holds the reception, the barber shop, the relaxing area and the bar. The middle one holds the tattoo stalls (8 of those) and a place for the tattooist to relax and meet. The last one holds the bathrooms, kitchen and Tattoaria’s office.

Studio dLux developed the project to bring a cool and young atmosphere to the space. The industrial style of the warehouse mix with the use of OSB and plywood furniture. To complete the interior design, there is a huge artwork that circles all the black walls of the project. The facade was completely renewed, bringing wall art and huge wood panels with Tattoaria’s Logo, the skull, cutted by a cnc machine.

 tattoaria-house-by-studio-dlux-sao-paulo-2 tattoaria-house-by-studio-dlux-sao-paulo-3 tattoaria-house-by-studio-dlux-sao-paulo-4 tattoaria-house-by-studio-dlux-sao-paulo-5 tattoaria-house-by-studio-dlux-sao-paulo-6 tattoaria-house-by-studio-dlux-sao-paulo-7 tattoaria-house-by-studio-dlux-sao-paulo-8

all images © Alessandro Guimarãe