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JSK turns a BMW R NineT into a Scrambler


Project Chocolate Slider is JSK Custom Design’s idea on modifying the spectacular BMW R nineT into a scrambler making it more wildly fun through the streets and through dirt roads. JSK Custom Design also maintains the classic theme of the R nineT with colors that have reminiscence of retro BMW racing.


When going for a wild ride there is likely dirt, rocks, mud, and possibly floods of water. To combat those elements, the exhaust is relocated up high over the valve covers. With them so close to your legs, the exhaust pipes are thermo wrapped with an additional carbon fiber heat shield so riders won’t cook their legs. The engine oil cooler is also uniquely moved up to the front where the headlights are to further avoid what nature can throw at it, and dual sport tires are fitted for better on and off road grip and performance.


In keeping the weight down for better mobility, a custom aluminum gas tank and tail fairing was created. Additionally, by following JSK Design clutter less philosophy the gas tank hides some guts and provides additional protection for them from the elements. To improve control of the bike off road, the handlebar is changed into a carbon fiber BMX style V-Bar. From people that know trackers, this shape reduces fatigue and improves cornering leverage when going fast on dirt roads.

The JSK Design Chocolate Slider brings a scrambler design to the modern and classically designed BMW R nineT. Ride it on the streets, or ride it on the dirt. The idea is to have wild fun.

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