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Things to Consider When Building a Deck

handsome young man carpenter installing a wood deck boards

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A great deal of planning goes into the process of building a beautiful and functional deck. There are plenty of important decisions to make, and one mistake could be catastrophic. You must consider the size of your ideal deck, budget, and materials. Here are a few essential things to consider when building a deck.

Function and Purpose

If you live in a warm climate, a patio could be the answer to prolonging the enjoyment of outdoor living. Determine how you will be using your deck and how often. Deck builders can consider several reasons for building a deck, including having a space for outdoor entertaining, increasing the value of their home, adding usable square footage, creating a space for relaxation and enjoying nature, or simply providing a designated area for grilling and cooking outdoors. Having a vision for the purpose and function of the deck can guide deck builders in creating a design that meets their clients’ needs and desires. The most common reasons to consider building a deck include:

  • Recreation
  • Outdoor dining
  • Hosting parties
  • As a spa or pool border
  • Container gardening

Budget Limits

Your budget depends on your deck’s size, design, and materials. If the deck is designed and built by professionals, it will cost more than a DIY project. You must consider additional features like flower boxes, built-in chairs, and railing. Consider using Helical Piles for decks if you want to save money and complete your project quickly. You won’t need to work with an inspector or wait for the concrete to cure.

Will You Build it Yourself? 

You will save a lot of money if you build the deck yourself. With some experience, you can easily create a simple, classic deck. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can create something with more detail. Determine whether you want to complete the project quickly or you are patient enough to build it yourself over time. Are you willing to spend hours nailing wood? or would you prefer to work with a subcontractor?

 close-up on handsome young man carpenter installing wood deck boards

Consider the Deck Style 

The best style for your deck depends on the design of your house. The right deck must complement your home. It should not appear to be competing with the architecture. For example, a curved deck with detailed railings may look misplaced in some homes. Consider checking out Nashville Horizontal Deck Railing. Pay attention to your home’s lines and proportions. Ensure that everything looks cohesive. Your deck needs to be a natural addition to your home.

Includes Deck Lighting 

 There are many ways to light up your patio. Proper lighting adds a touch of festivity and romance to your patio. It is also good for your security. The lighting and your choice of fixtures determine your patio design and budget. Here are a few deck lights to consider using:


  • Skylights
  • Path lighting
  • Pole or wall lights

Privacy Matters

Finding the best spot for your patio can be more complicated than you imagine. Sometimes you need to settle for a spot that doesn’t offer as much privacy as you need. If your patio is visible to neighbors or doesn’t offer much privacy as you need, add a privacy screen to block the view. You can use plantings for a live privacy fence.

 Your dream deck can take any shape or size that you desire. There are a few tips to ensure you get precisely what you want. Find something you like and make it fit your budget. Other tips include paying attention to your privacy, lighting and finding a style compatible with your home. Hiring a professional may take up much of your time and money, but it is better than doing it yourself.